>Just Have a Seat

>John and I have become addicted to a show that has disturbed me ever since I first viewed it, considering my role as Mom Extroadinaire. To Catch a Predator. Ewww.

Although NBC’s Chris Hansen has to be the coolest cat ever. Faced with these men who have gone to great lengths to commit crimes against humanity and innocence, he never loses his grip, making him my new hero.

There is certainly nothing funny about the show, but it remains darkly humerous to us that these seemingly-normal men have gotten themselves busted in such a public manner. And it brings to light the harsh reality that there are sickos out there who would prey on our children in that way. I don’t worry for Zach–not yet anyway. I worry for Evan. It scares me that he has such an innocence to him that he will blindly trust anyone who smiles at him. How do you teach him otherwise without cracking that innocence and trust in the goodness of others in such a way that it is unfixable? And as he grows and matures and tries to venture out from under our wings, that worry becomes less irrational and more justifiable. He’s growing up. And as he does, he gets more difficult to protect.
This leaves me to think, in terror, of what I would do and how I would react if someone were to ever, well, mess with him. I think I would have to kill someone. Our entire world would fracture and splinter into a million pieces.


One thought on “>Just Have a Seat

  1. >I love (and hate) that show. Chris Hanson is amazingly poised, tho, for having seen what he's seen, met who he's met. I worry for my nephews and nieces. I just pray that the Lord keeps them safe, that's the best I can do.

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