The Players

Me. Bitchypants. Andrea. Andi. Whatever you want to call me. I’m the tour guide for this insane shit that is my life. If you’ve read anything, you know enough about me. Moving on.

John. My husband. He puts up with all of my shit. He’s a country boy transplanted to the suburbs of the greater Cincinnati area. Sometimes he returns to his roots. He’s also a veteran of the Marine Corps. (Ooorah is part of our daily vocab!) He is currently a stay-at-home-dad to our boys. He loves me and I love him, but he drives me crazy at times. Apparently this is the way of a 12-year marriage. And he makes me laugh each and every day.
Ferguson-25Evan is our firstborn son. He is a miracle as the product of a high-risk pregnancy, born just a little early after specialists advised us to abort him. He is funny and spirited, challenging and gifted. He is the Master Creator of Lego masterpieces and knows all there is to know about aviation and the history of the Titanic. He’s 11 years old and in fifth grade. He is a great big brother. We love him fiercely. I cannot wait to see the great things this child is sure to accomplish in his lifetime. Oh, and he is in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Our youngest. The surprise we never knew we wanted and needed until he was here. Zach. He in the midst of the terrible two’s and is ever the rambunctious little boy. He was also a preemie and the product of a high-risk pregnancy from which I had a hard time recovering. His prematurity left one mark: apraxia of speech, for which he receives therapy. He is making great strides. We love watching him grow daily. To see him learn and morph into the person he is to be.


1 thought on “The Players

  1. Andy, I just read your anti-Facebook screed and thought it was one of the best I have ever seen, even though I don’t agree with much of it. I realize, btw, that your account on Facebook is under your real name, but if I were you, I would claim the “bitchypants” public moniker before someone else does!, even if you post nothing but links to this site on your public page. You need to “own” the identity. (I’ll take 15%, thanks.)

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