While I Was Away

I’ve been busy. I’m sorry. I’m a horrible blogger. And the truth? I’m still busy. I honestly have no business creating a long list of catch-up posts when there is so much I should be doing. So I am going to try to catch you up in this one post, if you are still out there.

School: I’ve got a couple more classes under my belt. More A’s. I’ll be finished with my business degree in September. I’ve been working on the MBA applications. More on that in a sec.

Evan: Evan is still…Evan. They’ve changed his meds several times. Some of it has been good and some bad. The bad changes are the ones that had him literally awake for days, dark circles under his eyes, palor. It broke my heart. Until one day when his teacher called and said he fell asleep in school and we had to bring him home and let him sleep for almost 2 days straight, only waking him to get some fluids in him so he didn’t dehydrate. I hate it all and would love more than anything to just be able to take him off of all of them and get them out of his system, but I kow he can’t function without them. Now things are finally looking up. He came home last week, excited and proudly presenting this flyer from school. Turns out they are having baseball sign-ups and Evan wants to play. We signed him up. He’s never played a sport before because he has never shown interest. But we jumped on this, even taking him to get fitted for a glove and bat, getting him training gear. He’ll start practicing here at home this week, since he is too old to play tee-ball, and this is actually pitch baseball.

Zach: Zach was officially assessed at the 12-month level, developmentally speaking. He has started therapy after officially being labeled as developmentally delayed. I had some very overwhelming days where it struck me that I have one child with Asperger’s and another who is DD. I had to get past that to carry on. In the meantime, in absence of any verbal communication, the therapist has started teaching Zachy to sign what he wants. Simple things like “more”, “drink”, “all done”, “eat”, and “help”. He can finally express what he wants to us instead of having a meltdown because we cannot understand his grunts and shouts. And with this development has emerged some attempts to be verbal. He can get the intonation of the syllables of words, but nothing anyone can understand yet. But he is trying, which is more than he was doing a month ago. He continues to be social and adorable and loving. And he is so smart. He can clearly understand anything you say to him. He hs favorite places and knows the routes to those places and will cry if you turn the opposite direction in the car. We just have to catch him up a little bit.

Grad School: I got letters of recommendation from my direct supervisor and department director at work. I wrote a stellar cover letter and drew up a new resume. I had my transcripts sent yesterday. Yet about a month ago, I was having a weak moment, so I scheduled a time to go into my first choice school and speak to them about my potential for admission. I was armed with nothing more than an unofficial printout of my undergrad work. She basically told me there was a very little likelihood that I will be turned away with my academic record. But I have to take that damned GMAT. You may recall that I took two weeks off at the end of January to prepare for and take the test. And then I psyched myself out and wouldn’t do it. That was the low point where I called them and made the appointment. And then I bit the bullet and scheduled the damned thing. And tried and tried to prep for without the advantage of time off from work or school. As a matter of fact, I have finished two more classes and started 2 more in that time frame. I still feel underprepared. My stomach has been in knots for days. As in butterflies and queasiness. The exam is tomorrow. If all goes well, I will be started at one of the top-ranked MBA programs in October. Oh, and that’s another thing: because I went back and did an undergrad business degree and will be fresh from that with immaculate grades, I am elegible for their accelerated program. In other words, they will give me credit for my undergrad and I will only have 8 classes left to my MBA. So by Summer of 2013, I will be an MBA. Yeah. No pressure. I have to get in. Have to. No other options. I even submitted all of the financial stuff for grad school, and at a very expensive private university, I will even have all of that falling into place.

So there you have it. While I haven’t been present in the bloggy world, I’ve been doing plenty. I look forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs and hopw you’ll forgive me for my absence.


Five Things…

That I want to do this summer…..Read at least 25 books. I used to read about 5 books a week. And then I had kids. And got a career. And decided I needed more education. We’ll see how this goes.This. This shit right here. John and I bought the P90X crap. And the equipment. And I really want to start it up and even if I don’t finish it in time for summer’s end, I at least want to get a good start and make it a part of our routine.I want a friggin’ Kindle, already. The damned things are now less than $200 with  all of the extras. I have no excuse anymore that can keep me from breaking down and treating myself. I fuckin’ deserve it, damnit.And last, but most definitely not the least: I want to get my ass back in the water. Even if I have gained 50 lbs in the past year. Even if my ‘fly now rivals a drowning fish in ridculousness. Even if I can’t hang for more than a 50 at a time. I just want back in. For the stress relief, the solitude. Just for me. Because nothing relieves stress like crisp, cool, chlorinated water at about 6AM on a summer day. It has this cathartic value of being able to just wash it all away. And let’s face it: Mama needs this.And wine. I am a wine ‘tard. And I really, really want to change that. As a matter of fact, I think I will kick off my list with this one. On my first day off of work. Yeah, that’s it. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

I’ll keep you posted. Unless I’m drunk. Or I drowned in the pool. Or had a massive myocardial infarction induced by Tony Horton and his damned killer exercises.

Until then…

Peace out, Homies.

>That Time Again, Folks

>Yep, that time of year again. And in the event that I am the only Midwesterner you will ever encounter, I should start with an explanation.

Nothing–and I mean nothing–gets an Ohio native as fired up as Buckeye Football. We are crazy about it. We hold Jim Tressel and his trademark sweater vest to be sacred. We live for script Ohio done by the marching band, The Best Damned Band in the Land as they are called, at halftime. Woody Hayes, may he rest in peace, remains our idol. The Horseshoe is our Holy Land. We learn the words to “Across the Field” before we learn our ABC’s and 123’s. It is what we are all about. Surrounding Indiana and Kentucky have basketball. Because they know they just cannot do football like a Buckeye can. That’s just how we roll.

And we hate–and I do mean HATE—Michigan. With a passion. With the fire of a thousand suns. And it really is a good thing I crossed the Ohio River to reside in Northern Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati, because I did the unthinkable. I married a Wolverine.
Yep. John was born in Michigan. His whole family was, and for the most part, still is there. His parents relocated to Kentucky when he was a kid simply because of his dad’s job. But they are all still Michiganders. And they hate–and I do mean HATE–Buckeyes. And to them, from the months of September through January, I will always be The Girl in the Scarlet and Gray. Because just like John’s family is all Michigan, my family is all Columbus, Ohio. I was the only one born and raised in Cincinnati after my dad relocated for his job. So I was raised on the stuff just like John ws raised on Michigan football.

I should clarify that the mutual hatred between the states dates far back, and that it is based on this tremendous rivalry between the two teams. No joke–coaches have lost their jobs not based on how they performed all season long, but based on what their record is in the Ohio-Michigan saga. Seriously. And apparently it all started way back when over an argument about where the division of the states really should be.

So what does this mean? It means John and I will be fightng a lot. And at least once, we will swear we will be getting a divorce. No worries–we do this every year and have for the decade we have been together. And there will be lots of talkin’ smack until that fateful day in November–always the last game of the regular season. Ohio State has a pretty good streak going on, and so John is primed and ready for a fight this year. And I am ready to gloat. A victory for my team earns me bragging rights for a entire year. And he has to shut up. Until next season. As for the kids? Well,he won’t allow me to put anything Buckeye-related on them, and I am the same about Michigan stuff. So they are Switzerland.

I never request off of work, but I do for the Ohio State-Michigan game. Every year. Not for Christmas or my birthday. But just for that game.

So, on that note, let the War begin. And excuse the language in the following clip, knowing that all’s fair right now.

(Incidentally, this video is a clip from a documentary done by HBO on The Rivalry. And yes, I do know the words to, and sing, the We Don’t Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan song they sing in the clip. I am that hardcore. )