This’ll Be My Year

So my 36th birthday is coming up in few days. Blech. I feel like this is the year I need to start going backward on my age. How can I be that old? That’s, like, a grown-up. That cannot be me. But with my birthday comes the dawning of a new year, and I am excited for 2013. We may not see huge changes here, but there are some good things coming out of this year, barring major complications. First of all, we will finally get some answers about Evan. This has been such a long time coming, and even though I will probably be upset when the other shoe drops, I know this is what is needed to get him some help. I’ll need someone to remind me of that when we finally get the official diagnosis.

And I will be finishing school. Me. Finishing. With my masters. No more school for me after that. I swear. I’m finished.

And John will be finishing school. We won’t even go there. Big source of frustration there.

So I hear this song by Train. Yeah, Train. I know they aren’t considered cool by many, but I can actually listen to their music with my kids in the car, which is something I cannot say for most of the music I like. But anyway, this poppy, annoying song gets stuck in yuor head, and I cannot help it–it makes me smile. Because A) it recaps most of the major events in my life. I can remember everything in that damned song. And B) Why yes, Train, this WILL be my year, damnit.

So on New Year’s I will be working. It’s my holiday. I’ll be taking care of patients when the ball drops (wow, for the first time in my life without Dick Clark-sad!) , when I turn 36, when 2013 starts. So in advance, to you and yours, Happy New Year.


3 thoughts on “This’ll Be My Year

  1. I have been reading you and have been loving every post. I missed you and am glad you’ve been writing when you can. I know how hard it can be to keep up when so much shit is happening in your life. I hope you have an awesome 36th birthday. I’ll be following in your footsteps in 4 months!

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