The (Before Grad School) Bucket List

I guess the point behind the bucket list is that is is what one would like to do before they die. Well, I have no intention of going anywhere, but I am starting a rather “ambitious” first semester of grad school. (My advisor’s words, not mine.) I have this feeling that between working, school, and family, there will be precious little time. But the thing is, I love Cincinnati. It is my hometown. My memories of my childhood are here. But there are some things I have never done or have not done in years that are soooo Cincinnati. I want to take John and the boys to do some things and experience the city in ways they haven’t  to date.

1. Findlay Market

What can I say about Findlay? Huge farmer’s market meets international market meets a shopping center full of ecclectic and non-traditional shops. All local merchants. You can grab a gourmet lunch at a little cafe, shop for organic produce, and just about anything else from what I hear. Street performers wander the crowds, from what I hear. I wouldn’t know first-hand. I’ve never been. There, I admitted it. I am as Cincinnatian as they come and I have not been to Findlay. I want to fix that. Here lately, I am becoming more aware of what we put into our bodies, and I know that this would be the place. Finances have stopped me, as I know I will spend a ton. But I plan to fix this all sometime before the summer ends.

2. Coney Island
Yeah, in Cincinnati. We have one, too, though I am sure it is not the same as the origiinal. I am not big on amusement parks, but Coney is small enough and nostagic enough to feel more like a fair, from what I hear. Never been here, either. I want to take the boys. Zach needs his first real taste of a funnel cake, and Evan would have a blast on the rides.

3. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Of course we’ve been to the zoo a gazillion times. Evan has with us, with visiting grandparents, on school trips. Zach? Well, Zach has never been. And we certainly haven’t been this year. I’ve been off of work. It’s been…weird. But the boys are due for a zoo trip, and we have a great zoo here. I would love to be able to do this before my nose hits he grindstone.

4. The Precinct

I am sure there are people in this city who can afford to dine here everyday, but we are not those people. And this is most certainly not the place to take children. But one night, I would love to have a date night with my husband and have dinner here. Never been, but I hear the steak melts in your mouth, and we …we are some carnivores.

5. Sunlite PoolSunlite pool, well, is technically a part of Coney Island, but it is an all-day adventure, also. I want to be able to take the kids. I haven’t been able to go swimming at all this summer. John works during the day and I have one good arm right now. My hope is that, sometime before summer ends, we can do this. I know Zach will love the water, and who could resist that cool, crisp blueness?

6., 7., 8. The Cincinnati Museum Center

Nothing is more Cincinnati than the Museum Center in Union Terminal. The building is totally art deco and has still has the cool retro feel of the 1930’s train station it once was. And it’s profile is just a part of the Cincinnati landscape.

Inside the terminal, there are several museums. The Children’s Museum houses all sorts of interactive activities for the little one, and for once, there is no need to worry that my boys will destroy something.

Aside from this, there is the Museum of Natural History and Science, which is about like any other. There is also an Omn imax and many other special exhibits, so we could make a day of it rather inexpensively, and I am all about that these days.

So there is what I want to do with the little bit that will be left of our summer after I finish recovering from the herniated discs and am able to get on with my life. The little time I have before hell unleashes on my schedule and I have no time to breathe. Realistically, if I could get the boys to cooperate for just a few of those outings, I would be tickled pink. The difficulty in having children so far apart in age is that what would interest one will be of no interest to the other. It is difficult to find things to do that are fun for all.

2 thoughts on “The (Before Grad School) Bucket List

  1. I LOVE being a tourist in my town. I am constantly amazed by how many people in my city (which is on the coast) have NEVER been to the beach.

    Have a GREAT TIME! And wear sunblock!

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