I have been off of work for going on 6 weeks. Asking a workaholic to do that is like asking a crackhead to just stop being a crackhead. My job is a part of who I am. I am the one which volunteers to work sixty or seventy hours a week. And right now, I am completely cut off. I feel like I currently have nothing to contribute to society. I am a sponge. A liability.

First of all, my earnings are cut in half. So we’re broke. So much of my family’s financial well-being is tied to me, and right now I am feeling the pressure. Last week, my damned water was shut off. Thankfully I had the resources to just go and get it turned back on, but it was still embarrassing.

And work. Once again, outta sight equals outta mind there. Noone checks on me. I want to scream at the top of my lungs,”Hey guys, remember me? The one who has worked your Christmases and Thansgivings so you could stay home with your families?!?” I’m also the one who works like a dog willingly so they won’t have to work so hard on short shifts. But it seems like nobody ever remembers that.

I feel completely alone and completely depressed. I don’t like this feeling at all. I need to go back now now now, but I know it will be a few weeks yet. I just hope I can make it.

5 thoughts on “Depressed

  1. “seems like nobody remembers me”, well said .

    in this world either you get rich or you die making someone rich.

    this is time for you to self study(easy said that done) but sometimes when we turn to our selves, that’s where the answers are in_ within.

    keep going and do your part where you can reach , where you can not , never feel embarrassed to ask for assistance .

    everything asked out of not selfishness always pays out as it is simply pure.

    stay in hope ,everyday is a new beginning.

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