Sorry I Suck

Once in a great while, I go back and read the crap I wrote.

You poor, poor people.

I have to be the laziest blogger EVAHHHHH!

I mean, look at all of those typos! Can you even understand what I have been trying to say? And yes, I know all about spell check. And proof-reading. But it’s just like I said…Laziness.

I blame the 3-2,000 word papers I have to write for each class. By the time I am finished with that, I’m all spell-checked and proof-read out. And I blame the keyboard of my laptop and all of the computer games Evan plays that result in him banging on the keyboard. Now my keys tend to stick. That’ll be fixed when I get my new notebook for school. But either way, I promise to do better. One day.


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