A Real Man

I knew John was a keeper, oh….about 12 years ago.

He understood what made me tick. I mean, our actions usually have some significance below the murky surface–why we get angry/ happy/ sad–and the person who really knows you will understand the roots of your reactions and actions. John was that person.

When we went to see Kenny Chesney in concert, I got so excited that I leaned over, screaming into John’s shoulder. And I’m not sure what it was. The excitement maybe? But when I leaned over, I bit John’s shoulder. John’s reaction? He laughed as he asked in disbeleif, “Did you just bite me?

All I have to do is so much as start to shiver, and he will stop what he is doing and bring me a blanket.

Though he isn’t a coffee drinker, I could say, “Hmm, I’m thinking about some coffee.” Bam. Fresh pot brewing.

He is gentle and loving with his kids. I have seen him scary angry only one time. Evan had hit me. That was when the USMC came out of John, and he was in Evan’s face about how nobody touches his wife.

Since before we were evan married, he knew the brand and absorbency level of tampons I use. And he has never been ashamed or embarrassed to use that information when I need him to.

We don’t need wild and crazy outings. We are content to rent a couple of movies, order a pizza, and chill in our living room.

He will do whatever is needed for his family. Mop a floor. Laundry. Do dishes. Work.

And this past week, after drama from my neck/ shoulder (crap, I haven’t udated on that..see next post.), he knew I needed something. I mean, work is non-existent right now and in the near future. Finances are kind of crazy, and school has been a major stressor as I finish up my undergrad and head to grad school. And though we seldom go to theaters to see any films, there was an exception.

He knew I wanted to see what virtually every Red-Blooded American Heterosexual Female or Homosexual Male wanted to see.

Magic Mike.

Though we couldn’t really afford it, John insisted. And we unloaded ourselves of the children for one afternoon this past Friday and went to see a matinee showing. And John got in line, asked for and paid for our tickets to see a movie about male strippers. More importantly, knowing I have a school girl crush on Channing Tatum, he lined up to pay for tickets for me to see and drool over Channing taking  his clothes off on a massive screen. And he sat in a theater with mostly women (there were three guys there including John, one of which was 12 years old and shouldn’t have been there at all). When we whooped and shouted out, he laughed at us. And when the theater seats got to be too uncomfortable for my neck and shoullder, he let me lean on him.

He did all of this with a smile on his face. And he tolerated it all. Of course he knows Channing Tatum is not going to knock on my door for a hook-up or anything. But still, what man wants to watch his wife drool over a mostly naked man? But he knew because he knows me. He knew I needed to get out of the house, to focus on something other than bills and my work and my career and my education. And if he had to sit through a movie that involved gorgeous men taking off their clothes, he would do that. For me.

Because he loves me.

Because he is secure with himsellf. And secure in our marriage.

And because he is, without a doubt, a real man.


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