Big Blubbery Sobs

So I always have some music playing, and I was actually listening to someone else’s playlist on Spotify and heard this song.

And I had to stop and catch my breath between the big blubbery sobbing I was doing.

Zach is going to be two. Evan will be elevenin September. In a couple years from that, he will be a teenager. God, it has gone so fast. Neck-breakingly, heart-breakingly fast.

My babies. oh, my babies.


One thought on “Big Blubbery Sobs

  1. awwww. . .. I get like that too.

    It’s a good cry though. You are growing men. And MEN are important. I mean real men — not baby daddies. I mean men like John. And Greg. and one day — Ethan & Zach.


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