How Legos Pissed Me Off

I wrote a post bitching about this experience, so when I posted it, what I wrote disappeared and just the photos remained, so you are going to get an abridged version of Lego KidsFest.

$70 for my family to get in. Fine. But Evan didn’t get to do much because the lines were so long and the tickets were only good for 4-hour sessions. Ours were for 8:30 AM the morning after a work night for me. So I was tired. And crabby. And I could’ve stomached it a little better if it had been children in those lines. But they were all adults. Some of the rudest adults I have ever met. One almost knocked over Zachy’s stroller. There was lots of cursing, and not on my part. At a kids’ event. I actually heard someone shout, “Suck my D###!”, at one point. And for the most part, all of the kids were fine. My only gripe there was the big kids romping around the Duplo area, which was intended to be a safe place for toddlers. But again, this went back to the adults, who should’ve gotten the big kids out of there. And so I was getting angry. So we left after only two hours, lest I lose my cool and cut a bitch.

The statues were cool. Some of the activities would’ve been cool if Evan would’ve actually got to do them. So here are the photos I got.

Kinda like his room.

And for Zachy, a huge pile of Duplo bricks.

Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?

Hello, SpongeBob!

One of the few things the kid got to do.

The coolest of the statues--a life-size Lightening McQueen

Just parked the car


2 thoughts on “How Legos Pissed Me Off

  1. Hope my Luke NEVER EVER hears about this, or we will have to attend. No matter what country it’s in, we are going. SO DON’T TELL HIM.

    Had to laugh out loud at the “Kinda like his room” comment. I SO get you!

    As for the SMD comment. .what a douchebag. Of course I wouldn’t say that in a room full of kids. . .

  2. Exactly, Mary. I love the word “fuck” and am known to pepper a lot of what I say with the word. But I have a filter that kicks in when the situation calls for it–around kids, in a professional environment….People kill me!

    And it really is like is room. I literally filled a 10-gallon rubbermaid storage tote about three-fourths full of legos–ALL FROM HIS FLOOR BECAUSE HE WOULDN’T DO IT! Little brat. That’s probably thousands of dollars’ worth of Legos. That I worked for and he won’t pick up. Maybe I need to charge families $70 to come and wade through them. Hmmmmmm….

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