Bad Parenting


So Zach was being cute and funny in the car. Plus I have a new Droid phone, right? So I snap a picture. I put it on Facebook. And two days later I realized that I immortalized my lack of Mommy Power on the internet. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING  CARSEAT  STRAPS AND HOW DID HE GET OUT OF THEM?????
And the worst part? It took me days to even notice


2 thoughts on “Bad Parenting

  1. Oh — I thought you were gonna call me out for letting my kids ride circus animals. . .

    He got out of them because he is smart & strong and he wiggled out of them. Because that’s what they DO. There isn’t a car seat made that can keep a kid strapped in that doesn’t wanna be.

    He is pretty friggin adorable though, isn’t he?????

  2. LOL Circus animals. Ha!
    Remind me to tell you about the time we found Ev crawling around in the trunk while we were barrelling down the interstate at 80 mph. Kids and carseats, man! And now we have to leave them in them until their 42nd Birthday!!!!!

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