Everyone–and I mean everyone–in this house is on winter break right now. It is sheer chaos. I had all of these rosy visions for the time off. I was going to get to spend time with Evan putting up the tree, baking Christmas cookies. You name it, we were going to do it.

So what has really happened?

Evan has driven us crazy. As soon as he woke on the first day off, he was “bored”. I find myself giving in and surrendering my laptop so the kid will at least do something to amuse himself. Essentially, I hae turned into the mother I swore I would never be.

Speaking of Evan–He is now on a second medication. I hate it, but she swore it had less side effects than the others in its group. Seroquel. If you don’t know, it’s an antipsychotic. Not that Evan is psycho, but it is supposed to calm kids with ADHD and possibly quiet the Asperger meltdowns a little. It’s too early to say, but it may be working a little.

Zach has me worried to death. He still isn’t speaking very much at all–way behind where he should be. We have started the process to have him evaluated by the state’s early intervention program. I’m a little frustrated because they have told me that they will continue to adjust for his prematurity until age 2, rounding up to the next full month. So Zach was almost 7 weeks early, and they round that up to 2 months and subtraact that from his chronological age to determine that he is 17 months old, adjusted. When really, he is going to be 20 months in a couple of weeks. This means that while he is more delayed for 20 months, his delay will be more mild when he is assessed as a 17-month-old. And then they have to be so far gone before they qualify for the state’s free services, meaning if I want to get him help, I will have to pay out of pocket. Lovely, thanks. And then there is the worry that Zachy is doing exactly what Ev did at that age, and while I used to say Evan was fine, now I wonder about this Autism Spectrum stuff. And that their pregnancies were remarably similar, down to the drugs I was given. Whatever. I can’t think about that right now.

I’m still working on GMAT, and am hoping to take the exam on the 20th of January. Odds are in my favor for my top choice school, given my GPA and assuming I do okay on the exam.

John is still…John.

We are looking for three-bedroom houses. We cannot make this one work much longer. Zachary, who has shared a room with us all of this time, is becoming less of a baby and more of a little boy. Andd his little boy things out-number our things. And as he gets older, his toys get bigger, which really is a bad combo. Don’t believe me? Well, wedged in the corner of my bedroom, where the tv is, there are 4 ride-on toys, as well as one of those massive grow-with-me trikes he got for Christmas. John has to leap from the bed to get over the stuff in the morning. His toy box is overflowing, but we have no room for a second toybox, and the large toys are sitting on the floor, blocking every area other than the walkway between his crib and our bed. Yeah, we’ve outgrown this house. As far as the house search goes, that is another post entirely.

I think that’s it. I’ll be working on some other posts I’ve started as well. If anyone is still reading this my suckage at life in general.



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