Taking the Bait: The Kindle

I posted earlier about my reluctance to buy a Kindle.

I did it. It was only $79. I practically had to buy the damned thing. It’s been a little over a week since, and I have actually had a few minutes to read because the thing fits so easily in my purse. I am on my third and final book of The Hunger Games trilogy, which is yet again a series designed for young adults that really is for adults. Love it. So far, I have bought 10 books for a fraction of the cost I would have been able to buy the hard copies. And I have downloaded 15 of the classics for free or for less than a dollar. Titles like War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Les Miserables…. After I finish the book I am reading, I hope to tackle the ambitious IQ84.

What do I love about the Kindle? Well the price of books, for one. The ease of reading–the small device is less cumbersome than a 500+ page book, and the fact that you can adjust the font to a comfort level for your eyes translates to very easy reading and the pages fly by. And while I scoffed at the portability of having one’s entire library in their purse, the convenience of it is hard to pass up. The battery life is amazing and in over a week, I have only charged it once. Even then, it wasn’t really needed, but the battery was only at 3/4 life and I am so used to how other batteries work (laptop, phone, mp3 player), I plugged it in to charge out of habit. I haven’t charged it since and it is only half-gone.

What do I dislike? I’m not crazy about the “special offers” that come on the cheaper model. They don’t bother me that much and only appear as a small, non-intrusive banner ad on the home screen and as a full ad when I stop reading and the device is idle. I hate the commercialism of it, but they don’t bother me other than that. The only other complaint is some of the content for the Kindle store. It seems that there is this entire self-publishing movement out there and that anyone with any sort of resources can write a book and put it on the Kindle store. The problem is that not everyone is destined to write the next great novel, and there is some real crap floating around out there. I stumbled upon a little of it, not realizing this.

I will still try to post a little of the stuff I read. I suspect there will be more of it now. But anyhow, speaking of reading…

I’ve been very busy, as you are about to discover in subsequent posts. I am still visiting and loving all of your blogs, but things have been crazy, and thus I have been catching up via my Google Reader on my phone. And I hate typing on the thing, so that is why there are no comments.


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