Just for a Moment


Just for a moment, I got to put my feet up. A brief 5 minutes over the course of 13 hours of work. And as you can tell from the photo, I got to check my blog. Just for a minute, before ventilators started alarming again and patients started to have trouble. It has been an exhausting weekend. Exhausting. And now it is Monday, and I am off of work only to be immersed in papers and presentations and reading for school. And in sticky handprints and peanut butter sandwiches and vacuuming up Golfish crackers that have been ground into a pulp in the carpet.

Sometimes, when you want it all, when you aspire to have everything, that is exacly what you get.



2 thoughts on “Just for a Moment

  1. Your shoes are cute!

    I totally get you though — 5 minutes to read, comment and/or troll .. . .it’s like a techno bubble bath. Facebook Take Me Away! (hmmmmm. . .not bad. . .I may have to blog this. . .)

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