Blocks: A Pictorial

For his birthday this past Spring, Zachy got a set of old-school wooden blocks. You know the kind–lowercase on one side, uppercase on the other, numbers, some naked sides and some painted. No frills, no batteries. Just what I wanted for him. The problem was that up unil now, Zach has only been interested in the toys the flash, blink, spin, and screech. Today, John and I were trying to distract him while Evan sat at the kitchen table working on his math and spelling. Lately, Zach will go up to Bubby and harrass him, not understanding why Evan isn’t playing, and Evan will then be too distracted and will stop doing his homework that was an epic battle to get him started on in the first place. it’s ugly, so we’ve resorted to this tactic. This time, on a whim, we got the blocks out. I was building, John was building. And yes, Zach was building. He can stack blocks now, which is a big milestone in fine motor development, mind you. But then we realized something: Zach can be mean! He kept destroying John’s buildings, and of course, Daddy being the ultimate kid, John was more into the building than Zach was. John was even spelling words out like a little kid. And then Zach started picking the blocks up and chucking them at John’s head, giggling the whole time. Of course I got photos for you!

Playing peacefully. So sweet and innocent.

Zach at work.

My boys.

Daddy learned to spell his name with blocks!

Zach won't let Daddy build.

"Maybe I can while he's not looking. Hurry! Hurry!"

Here he comes. Dunh-dunh duuuuuuuunh!

"No, Zachy!"

Zachy SMASH! And then walks away...

Daddy starts again...

Annnnnnd he's back!

And this is right before he started firing them at our heads like missiles.

"All that destruction was tiring. I'll just sit right here."


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