How a Photo Made Me Cry

I may have posted a while back about plans to meet with the same photographer who did the boys’ photos this past spring. We wanted new fall photos, and somehow it never worked out. One of the girls at work–and ICU nurse–mentioned that she is trying to learn phoography and so she takes amateur photos. She only charged like $50, which included the session and  the disk. This is a far cry from the price I paid for the professional session this past spring, so I figured I had nothing to lose. It was the same day Obama was in Cincinnati and hell unleashed.

My boys were behaving horribly for the photos. Evan wouldn’t pay attention. And now that Zachy is running everywhere, when we would finally get Zach in place, Evan wouldn’t be ready. It was a nightmare. I was sure there would be nothing usable from the session, and even so, it was no big loss considering the tiny price I paid. I was surprised today to discover that what resulted from that horrible day turned out to be some of my favorite–if not my absolute favorite–photos of my boys altogether. And they are growing up so fast.

Here are just a few.





2 thoughts on “How a Photo Made Me Cry

  1. Gorgeous. Absolutely GORGEOUS. #1 is my fave.

    Funny how my favorite baby pic of my sister is one where apparently she was being a monster. The pic they got is gerber baby good. (she was grabbing her foot and she has a sweet baby grin on her face).

    Your kiddos are really handsome.

    • Thank you, Mary.
      I think the photos are the best when the kids are rotten because they are being themselves. And mine are the most rottten of all.

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