Fall is in the Air

This? This is my absolute favorite season by far. Spring brings allergies, winter brings icy roads, and summer brings oppressive heat that makes me feel as if my fat cells are melting. But fall? Is there anything bad about fall? The perfect temperature for my favorite attire: a good ol’ hoodie and jeans. Leaves crunching underfoot. The smell of firewood burning from a neighboring chimney. College football rivalries and perfect cool nights for a good cup of coffee. Halloween and the fun of picking out costumes for the kiddos. You can walk around the block without dripping with sweat. I. Love. Fall.

Today, John is in class and Evan is at school. Since I am feeling a little bit better, Zach and I headed outside for some fresh air. It would seem Zachy loves fall as much as I do. He had a ball exploring and I giggled as I watched all of his cuteness toddling around, amazed at things we all take for granted: a bright orange leaf that had fluttered to the ground, the crisp green of shrubs, the chirping of nearby birds. Of course it only took about 45 minutes before he discovered that the sidewalk seemed to go on forever and he could run, run, run! And then he discovered the street, so after about 15 gazillion times of stopping him from running out in front of a moving vehicle, Mommy was worn out and we ended our excursion.

But not before I got some cute photos.

PS: I totally did not realize that I dressed him like the Lennox Air Conditioning man until I viewed these photos!

Happy Fall, Everyone!


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