The President Drove By My House and All I Got Was This Lousy Traffic Jam.


"We. Are on. A mission. To destroy. Ths bitch's. Plans for the day."


President Obama was in Cincinnati yesterday.

Ummmm, yeah. He drove (or rather was driven) right by my house.

How interesting. How exciting.

What a pain in the ass.

If I had the time to keep up with current events, I would have known this was coming. But I don’t, so I didn’t.

As I posted previously, we were on a mission yesterday. Upon picking Evan up from school, we had a million and one places to go in order to be on-time to an appointment to get the boys’ photos taken at a local park. It all started with John going down the hill to get gas. And then we couldn’t get back up the hill. They had blocked traffic. We thought maybe there had been an accident, so we turned down a side street to go a different route. And got stuck again. We were wondering what the hell was going on, if Armageddon had happened without out knowledge. It was like the entire area was on lockdown. Turns out it really was. All because Obama’s caravan, or whatever it is, went down I-75 right by our house.

I heard from a friend that he was scheduled to appear in order to speak about the Brent Spence Bridge, and how it is so important to this area. If you don’t know, this bridge is a double-decker I-75/ I-71 bridge across the Ohio River. It is an artery to Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky. We travel it a gazillion times a week. Without it, this region of the country would shut down. Without it, nobody would be able to travel the interstate. It’s old as dirt, and Obama says it needs to be replaced. And he is proposing that money be spent doing so.

In order to get his point across, he decided to travel to Cincinnati to speak on the importance of this bridge. What would we do without it, after all? Oh, the irony!

His way of conveying the importance of this bridge for the people of this area? To shut down the entire area by making a brief appearance and shutting down the bridge. We couldn’t go anywhere. We couldn’t even give up, because we couldn’t even get back to our own friggin’ house. They had our road blocked. I even tried to call a friend to see if she had any alternate routes in mind that I had not thought of, as I had two hungry kids in the car. Well, guess what I learned! I learned that when the president comes through, they disable cell phones, too. Only for the brief time that he is in the immediate area, but nonetheless…For about 10 minutes, our phones were in “emergency only” mode. No data, no cell service. I was seriously getting pissed. I paid the phone bill, after all. Why didn’t I have service? This baffled me, but John, of a military background, reminded me that there are crazies out there who actually arm and detonate bombs with cell phones these days. Obviously that isn’t us, but I got it after he explained it to me.

But really? To speak on the importance of our roads and bridges to this area, you’re going to shutdown the area? We know it’s important, now please let us get on with our day. We have shit to do and you are keeping us from doing it. I was starting to daydream from the passenger seat of me barrelling through the barricade set up by the Secret Service to get to my house, of seeing my car on CNN with me behind the wheel, on a mission to get my kids some food so they could get to their appointment. “Deranged Lady in Orange Dodge Disregards Roadblock, States Children Had Photog Appointment”. Just when I was about to lose it, some man in a black sport jacket and dark sunglasses removed the orange cones and we made it through.

I cannot make this shit up.

The Brent Spence. See how important it is? Now let me through, bitches.

21 thoughts on “The President Drove By My House and All I Got Was This Lousy Traffic Jam.

  1. Barack / the greatest presisent the USA having ever known
    he works tirelessly in bringing every american / the freedom
    from want / from hunger /from injustice. At the present upon
    the international stage works in bringing at long last an free
    palestine // in bringing palestinians a end to a great injustice.

    The point being T’was a great honour in having BARACK in
    your area at which you should have rejoiced being blessed
    he a great president ever servant to the people’s each hour
    of each day serves the people / bringing justice peace to all.

    That your response to BARACK’s presence was but to bring
    such negative complaints / in that you suffered a small traffic
    delay / but beggered belief. Your attitude to BARACK indeed
    most shocking. One only presumes your a illegal alien whom
    having been informed your to be removed from the country.

    If such not the case // then your the racist unto the extreme
    in using a traffic delay / as a cover preaching / hate / malice.

      • Mary A / the traffic complaint was but a excuse for a racial rant
        as your comment is but a excuse to remind people of evil times
        with the KLUX KLAN you are but another racist / whom use any
        excuse in stirring up racial conflict / simply appalling behaviour.

    • Who are you, son? Illegal alien? Really? Let’s ask my husband. I am the wife of a United States Marine. Better yet, I am among the many middle class whose salary “BARACK” has held hostage. If I want to complain about traffic, who the fuck are you to say I have any reason to not do so? I have that right. MY HUSBAND FOUGHT FOR IT!

      And “Racist”? Bwahahaha. Honey I save lives everyday, regardless of the color.

      But thanks for reading. Have a nice fucking day, asshole.

      • bitchypants // of course you have the right of complaint
        however it should be a justified complaint / not one so
        frivilious in its nature which laced with a utter contempt
        in this case towards // the very president of the nation
        for such a act in many other nations // such disrespect
        would result in youur imprisonment for at least 50years.

        Even your husband / whom ever allowing for your faults
        must have been shocked / at your response / towards
        the president. I am sure your husband may agree with
        my suggestion of a fair punishment / in regard to your
        dire act of appalling disrespect towards the president.

        The punishment should be a few well placed strokes of
        the cane across the bare buttocks /the canning should
        be broadcast live on all the main tv networks worldwide
        thus an clear lesson unto woman that she should know
        her place. A good woman should only speak with such
        permission of her husband /// and speaking her words
        should only be in the praise of her husband. An good
        woman should not give a opinion unless her husband
        gives such permission // a good woman should always
        be silent // thus in earning the respect of her husband.

        If a wife having in a day shown good behaviour then
        the husband // should show affection / as an reward
        allowing his wife into his presence / where allowed to
        sit at his feet for a short time /showing he is pleased
        with her behaviour. A good wife knows her reason in
        living // is her a TOTAL obiedance unto her husband.

      • That’s just it. I live here. And frivolous? You read a blog called Bitchypamts, dude. Seriously.

        And obedience? To my husband? Pffft. He follows my command.

        This is hilarious!

    • People who throw out the word racist are always the ones that don’t know the definition of racist… definition: The belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others. Merriam a person who believes that one race should control all others. Urban A label given to a person, or group of people who hate/dislike those who belong to a different race. This typically applies to hatred based on skin-color.(one of many definitions on that site) Where in her blog, based on her opinion did she become “racist”? Where also is she not allowed to exercise her first amendment right of Freedom of speech? That’s the problem wrong with you liberals William (yes I am assuming you are a Democrat as I affectionately call you Dumbocrats) based on the race card throwing! Oh and you can assume I’m a racist, black female conservative and you would be correct!

      • Thank you!
        Here is the great Catch-22. To have an African American president, finally! Wonderful for the country. I cried when he was elected, despite being staunchly conservative politically. I didn’t vote for him. To vote simply because of race would have made me no better than those who did not do so because of race. I didn’t agree with him. I am a Republican.

        And now? If I am displeased with anything he says or does, race gets thrown into it. The man shut down an entire city in order to get his point across about the importance of the bridge on commerce, travel, access. Couldn’t he have found a better way?

        Thanks for your reply. I kept re-reading to make sure I said nothing that could be taken as hate-slinging. I didn’t see anything, either.

      • You seem to be a one sided brain thinker when it comes to
        your defining of race. You fail come to terms with the many
        other aspects of race. (examples)The race to go to heaven.
        The race to make money. The race to lose ones virginity.
        The race to please others. The race to defend injustice if
        one be republican. The race not to defend equality as the
        creation of an palestinian if one of / Israeli pooled genetics.

        There being much more to race than one perceives where
        the journey is of the imigination / rather than reality based.

  2. I, too, have been called a racist because I don’t like Obama and refused to vote for someone just because of their skin color. Yes, I’m white, although, you can ask musingsfromthe girlontheright, I try to get a good tan every summer to get a little color. hahaha But I agree, you didn’t say anything racist in your blog. And I can attest to musings…she’s not a racist either. A slipper theif who holds them for ransome, yes, but not a racist.hahaha.

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