Avoiding Capture

Zach is getting fast. Fast at growing, fast at learning, fast at ruining the perfect photo op. Today, John and Evan headed off to class. My corporate finance class is finished. (Hallelujah, how did I get an A in that class?????) As is my op management (another A). No work for 4 days. And so it was just Zachy and I. I got out the camera in the hope that I could capture some very Zachy moments. And I found out that, though I sucked before, I really suck now, because you cannot catch the kid. Instead, I end up with a blur or a little hand grasping the lens of the camera. There was even one where the shot was empty because Zach bolted before the picture took. In his place was a picture of the corner of the coffee table. And my fave, the closed-eye-from-the-bright-flash look. But regardless of my lack of photography prowess, I want to remember these days. So this is what I got:

Just before bed: footed pj's, fresh from his bath, Johnson&Johnson-scented. My baby.

Tongue out. But that face. Cherub.

Mommy's glasses. Ripped off of her face. By rambunctious toddler.


Ahhhhh, the beloved Cozy Coupe. Is there an American kid who hasn't had one at some point?

Apparently, grabbing Mommy's camera is great fun!

Playing with him on the floor. Looking up at my son. My Little Big Guy.


Daddy's Recliner


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