Mr. Personality


It is so funny to watch Zach grow. Evan was fun, also, but on a different level. Evan would amaze us with his cognitive development, while Zach amazes us with his personality. And he has lots of it. And this week marks 16 months of Zachary.

He points and grunts at everything. And I do mean everything. John calls him The Caveman. Seriously.  Or he will bring what he wants to us. For example, when he wants juice, he will get his sippy cup and bring it to us, while he stands there with this expectant look on his face, as if to say, “Drink. Juice. STAT.” Another funny ting he does now? Well, we have been big on teaching “please” and “thank you”. When he hands me something, I am sure to give an enthusiastic “Thank you, Zachy” with a smile. He must like this, because everytime you put something somewhere, he must think you’ve accidentally dropped it and he simply has to return it to you. A couple of days ago, I put my dirty towel in a hamper. I think I was getting ready for work. So Zach brings it to me. And then he waits for the “Thank you, Zachy”. So you tell him, and when he walks away, you put it back where you put it the first time. Until he sees this and brings it back yet again. This can happen many times before one finally just gives up and keeps whatever object, this time the towel. It’s cutely annoying.

He’s got a temper and he loves McDonald’s. It’s really a bad combo. We let him have a Happy Meal once a week, always with apples and white milk. But he has learned that logo. Seriously. And he sees and and must instantly think of his Happy Meal. How dare we pass a Mickey D’s and not stop. It’s awful because then he gets pissed. Seriously pissed. And throws a mini Zachy tantrum. Little does he know that we have been dealing with his big bro’s fits for a decade and can handle anything the mini-man churns out for us. We Are Professionals at this tantrum shit. It isn’t that we can’t hang. It’s just that, well, have you ever seen h0w many fucking McDonaldseseses are in  Cincinnati???? And everywhere we go, John insists on getting on either I-75, I-71, or I-275, as they connect the city and you can go 70 and not stop at red lights. He will go out of the way, in fact, to get on an interstate. It’s silly, really, but then you can see every McDonald’s for miles. AND you get the little signs that pop up at exits, and, well, we have a lot of crying in the car as a result.

Zach is learning. Every single minute of every day, it seems he learns more and more. And he isn’t a baby anymore. He’s a little kid, asserting his independence whenever he can. Sometimes he is content to ride in his stroller (still the BabyJogger City Mini), but other times, he wants to do it himself. Food has become a challenge because he doesn’t have the coordination to feed himself with a spoon yet, but is too indpendent to let us feed him. It’s cut several things off of his menu for a short while. For example, he used to have some yogurt in the morning everyday, and we have had to pass on that lately unless I want to need a garden hose and S.O.S. pad to clean him up after breakfast daily. He gets upset when we get home from being out and about, and we try to carry him in the house. He wants to walk in himself. It really slows us down a lot, but he needs this for his development, and so we just plan a little extra time for everything. And unlike his brother when he was a baby, Zach is fascinated by others. This especially goes for other small children. At Evan’s appointment last week, he actually scared a little girl because, while we were letting him stretch his legs a little by walking up and down the hall, he saw the little girl and promptly started chasing her without warning. I had to quickly intervene, and he looked so confused at the kid’s crying. He just wanted to be friends.

So it continues to be an adventure. He’s fun and sweet and just a little rambunctious, and I  love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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