Evan’s Day

Today we celebrated Evan’s tenth birthday. He got to choose what he wanted to do, where he wanted to eat. As long as it wasn’t an adult establishment, we could go there. Anywhere in Cincinnati. He chose City BBQ, followed by Miniature Golf. Overall, this was the end to a very eventful day for him: cupcakes at school, a meeting with his teachers, presents…

It was funny to see him tell everyone that it was his birthday. In addition to the cupcakes at school, as a result of his blurting this out all over Cincinnati, he was given sweets like you would not believe. It started at City BBQ, where the server gave him a free and gigantic slab of their fresh-baked homemade triple chocolate cake (of which he kept trying to sneak bites of in the middle of dinner), and it ended with a trip through a Starbucks drive-thru on the way home with free cake pops from the barrista who made our coffees. And then, as we were turning into the driveway, he said the word “ass” and I about died. When I corrected him, telling him of the word’s ugliness and that he shouldn’t say it, his response was, “Well, I am a Ten-Year-Old now!!! As if this implied that he is a grown man and can say what he pleases. Pffft. But I will admit, I found it hard not to laugh.

He got some pretty cool presents this year: a netbook, a bag/ case for said netbook, a couple of those huge Lego sets he loves, clothes, pajamas, and more. That was just from us. Grandma and Grandpa gave him toys.

So what follows is a barrage of photos from our day. His day. I was going to discuss more, but I do not feel like getting into the emotions of this tonight. That my child’s age is now reflected in double digits and he is more than halfway to 18 years. God, it goes so damned fast. But I am not getting into it. Tuesday is his coveted appointment at Children’s, and I am a ball of too much emotion right now. So look at some pictures, and know that we had a great day. A great decade. I love him so much.

On our way. Part of one of his new Lego sets in hand for the ride.

City BBQ has really good chicken tenders. Apparently good enough to make certain little boys forget their table manners.

The contraband triple chocolate cake---notice the missing bite and the damned for sticking out, yet he insisted he wasn't eating it.

John got pissed that I took a shot of him eating.

Zach, aka Mac-'n'-cheese Face, gets in on the celebration...AND my camera.

Mini Golf at this awesome little out-of-the-way course we found.

I really suck at this, and after no sleep all night AND day, all you get to see is the toes of my Asics. Sorry, Dudes. Isn't my pink ball cute, though?

The Birthday Boy, into the swing of things.

John-John in on the Putt-Putt action. Channeling Tiger. Or Happy Gilmore...

Waiting patiently for us to finish the 9th Hole.

Too much water for Zach to roam, but he enjoyed the sunshine safely from his stroller.


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