The First and (Hopefully) Last Time?

Zach in motion, thus the blur.

Today, we made a last-minute run to the doctor’s office after Zach spiked a 102-degree fever. Motrin and a tepid bath helped, but then he was fussy, pulling at his ears, and refusing to eat or drink. I’ve been to this show before and recognized an ear infection, so off we went. Of course the minute we got there, he was fine and wanting to have a run of the office, as you can see by the blur. He charmed everyone, even the med student and third year resident, who conjured up a stuffed animal after making him cry during an ear exam. Yup. Otitis media. And he still had a low-grade fever, despite the bath and Motrin. At least he didn’t make a complete liar out of me. If you are new to the kid thing, they tend to do that. They’ll act crazy-sick and once in front of healthcare professionals, they are suddenly cured and running all over the place. At least Zach left some evidence.

He must already feel better. He’s still a little warm, but he finally ate something and drank about 4 ounces of apple juice. He’s now in bed, and his red, feverish cheeks break my heart. He is so sweet, and I just want to make it go away for him. Unfortunately I cannot, and thus we have amoxicillin.

While I feel bad for the poor little guy, I feel so appreciative of the gift of Zach’s health. Other than a couple of episodes of wheezing, we have never had to deal with him being sick at all. What baby never gets a cold, ear infection, stomach virus???? Evan was a picture of health as well, but even Evan got one ear infection and one stomach virus during his infancy. Just one of each, but still he had them. Zach is almost 16 months and nothing until today. We are so lucky. It could’ve been so different.

Other than this, there is nothing new to report. My thoughts are with friends who were in Irene’s path. I know some are still without power, had damages to their homes. I have a lot of friends on the east coast, and I am glad for their safety. And beyond that? Well, school, school, school. I swear this term is going to completely do me in.


One thought on “The First and (Hopefully) Last Time?

  1. My kids made liars out of me. I hated that. Then, when the son got to where the doctor asked him questions, he told the doctor he had not been coughing at all. It is a wonder he lived past 9! I told my husband who punished him. The kid had coughed day and night all weekend, keeping us all up. Just wait until yours tell the doctor they have no earache, no cough, they quit limping…it drove me mad when the son would do this. The girls did not volunteer (lie) that they were not doing whatever I said was going on. It is nuts how the fever will go down to a tenth of degree when it was up two degrees before you left the house!

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