Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Yeah, my life. Right. Now. As in this is my desk at the present moment.

In the midst of studying for my operations management, my packet comes for my grad school admission. And GMAT prep course. And information on the wealth of options that are available to me, none of which are quite perfect and involve some sacrifice.

The “Momentum” program,, which gives recent biz grads a boost by knocking out some of the MBA requirements, allowing the MBA to be completed in one year. It’s full-time, and classes theoretically could be arranged to fall in two very busy afternoons/ evenings, but one is not necessarily guarunteed that. More than two days is okay, but I am worried about the intensity of grad level work and whether I could handle this without burning out or sacrificing my grades.

The Off-Site MBA. At a location that is literally around the corner from me. Finished in two years. Guarunteed two nights a week that are set in stone and allow me to arrange my work schedule and John’s class schedule with the needs of the family and my educational endeavors. A little more expensive, but all fees and texts are included. They even keep us a fridge stocked with snacks and soft drinks, from the way it sounds.

The Dual Degree. Not 2 years, but more like three. Cheaper because it is priced at the cheaper MHA rate, not the more expensive MBA rate. Involves going to campus several days a week. (Read: Cincinnati rush hour traffic, more days to arrange around work/ family/ John’s classes). But damn, that’s pretty, considering the MHA is the masters our hospital’s CEO has. Gives me not only the broader MBA that can be used in virtually any industry, but the also the goods to get the job done in the healthcare industry. I really do want both because, with changes in healthcare, who says I will be in this industry forever? But this opens up more chance for the drama that is my life to get in the way.

Gah! I don’t know.

It could be worse. I could have no options available. That isn’t the case. And the admissions process and acceptance is the same for all of these.

And then there’s the studying for classes that haven’t even started, but is a necessary evil to stay on top of the work along with my crazy work schedule. And the errands I have to run. In other words, B&N for GMAT prep materials, stop at Sprint and pay the cell bill. Ditto to the water company. Because I work the next 4 nights.

Yeah, my Wednesday is far from wordless. If I can think of one word for it that comes to mind, it’s this: OH SHIT.


2 thoughts on “Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh shit indeed.

    You? Inspire me.

    I have no advice. The idea of being finished in a year is SO appealing to me — probably because I am barely half way through with mine. But I am paying cash, so even though it will take me FOREVER, I will graduate with zero debt.

    • And I am amazed at the zero debt thing, as I sign on for more and more of it. Sucky.

      Incidentally, “Oh Shit” is two words, and I just realized it. Ha!

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