The X Factor


Well, aside from the fact that this picture is decidedly shittaaaaaay, what else is depicted here? My new batch of texts for the next 5 weeks: Operations Management and Corporate Farking Finance. Fabulous.

And thus I bring you the obligatory school update of the seemingly professional student. I still have a 4.0. Yay. I will be finished with the biz degree in exactly one year from now. I thought, with this being the last 12 months, I should get some more info about my MBA, and so the drama I am currently facing started up for me.

I started with my original plan of looking at the online program for the school I am currently attending. And I looked at some of my local options: Northern Kentucky, University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky… Why in the hell is it that my current school doesn’t require a GMAT or GRE? Hmmm. All of the others do. Turns out that while my current program is great and challenging and actually a little demanding, the MBA is a little less than optimal. And about $20K above any of the local programs. But in my research of local programs, I discovered something interesting. Xavier.

Xavier, or X as we locals call it, is 15 minutes from my house and they have a wealth of MBA programs for the working professional. And guess what else! Their business school is friggin’ nationally ranked one of the top. Hell-to-the-yeah. But it said right there on their site that admission was very competitive. They only admit about 8% of applicants. And I am getting a degree from an online institution from across the country as a non-traditional student with a background in the clinical aspect of healthcare, not the administrative side. How competitive could I really be? So I called.

Basically I discovered that I am very competitive mainly due to my GPA and references. For their top-notch program. And after a very lengthy discussion where I inquired about the option for a concentration in healthcare management in order to use my MBA to climb the ladder at the hospital, I was told something entirely different. As in dual degree: MBA/ MHA. The last being Masters of Healthcare Administration. Holla. But there is a slight problem. Instead of approaching this toward the end of the next 12 months, I have to rush a little. In order to apply for loans and/or scholarships (which the woman basically begged  me to apply for scholarships due to my GPA), I have to gain early admission. Well, unless I can simply write a check for about $50K, which I most definitely cannot. And to gain early admission, I have to take the GMAT Stat! As in sometime in the next 5 months or so. Which means I have to prepare for the damned thing. In addition to the insane amout of reading and paper-writing. And the crap that is going down at work (new NICU startup: rounds at Children’s Hospital, immunizations and background checks, meetings and new certifications, higher credentialing). And Evan starting school. And John starting his classes.

Sorry. This has turned into another post of my bitching about my busy life. But really, I’m excited. I’ve basically been guarunteed admission to a private university with a top business program. The plan is falling into place with such ease that I am wondering if someone somewhere is not trying to tell me that this is what I should have been doing all along. I still have these moments of sadness about would-be Dr. Andrea. About what I could have been if only… In these moments, I choose instead to focus on the gifts I have been given. Beautiful, healthy children. A loving and enduring marriage to a wonderful man. A career in an industry I love. Academic ability…And I focus on what is to come. Because, damnit, I will  do this.


2 thoughts on “The X Factor

  1. YESSSS!! That is so freaking awesome. Hard work does pay off. Simple as that. You go, girl. (I know that sounds corny and old, but who cares?)

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