You won’t believe this, but I had this post here, and when I went to publish it, WordPress decided I needed to be punk’d. As in the entire post was blank except for a couple of tags. So now I can pretend that I came up with some really witty awesomeness and WordPress just deleted it and thus you get this shitty post instead. But…

Look at those pictures. I like the first one best. He looks like he is mighty and powerful, and is about to unleash more than a can of whoop-ass. And then there’s me. Pasty in the green glow of a laptop screen. Tired. No makeup. And most definitely not in Sparta. But it is my 300th post, peeps. And if you have read any of the crap I have ever written, you know that I am what I am: tired, busy, blah. And if I am staring into the webcam of a laptop, it is in-between the writing of papers, reading the hundreds of pages of text for class, feeding/ bathing/ playing with the baby, working a gajillion hours, helping Evan navigate the world around him, being John’s wife…Essentially, if I showed you a photo of a fresh-faced, perfectly coifed and made-up person, your first thought would be, “Mmmmhmmm, that bitch Photoshopped that shit.” But instead, I am choosing to give you the real me.

By some, this blog has been a failure.I don’t have a massive following. No one is going to be powerfully influenced here in my little corner of the internet. And I make zilch from it. In fact, I suck so bad that I couldn’t even fathom getting paid for this shit. But it’s mine-all-mine. And coming from the chick who has tried and failed to keep a journal about a million and one times, the fact that the Being Veruca/ Bitchypants combo has been going for well over a year and for 300 posts  is pretty amazing to me. Also in the amazing files: that I have made no improvement whatsoever. But I have done what I initially set out to do: talk about my crazy-busy life, chronicle my thoughts and experiences, and make a couple of online friends. Mission Friggin’ Accomplished.

But I’ve found that, despite the degree of suckage and lack of a mass following, I like being able to do this. And I would like to stay. And if you are reading this, thanks. I hope you’re up for more of my crap.


4 thoughts on “300

  1. You just totally wrote what I have been thinking lately.

    I am with you on numerous points:

    1) The journal – In the past 8 years I’ve started a million and finished none. But I (like you) managed to write on my blog for over a year now. That is quite an accomplishment. We should be proud of ourselves.

    2)The learning something (or lack thereof). I haven’t learned that much either, but I do find that my blog is an outlet for me. Writing therapy. Getting my thoughts out on the internet is somehow more liberating and helpful then writing it in a notebook no one will ever see again.

    3) The picture. I love your picture. I, too, do not wear makeup, nor do I feel it is necessary to show a made up version of myself to people on my blog. You’ve seen me at my worst, so who really gives a shit?

    4) I do not have a huge following either. Sometimes this irks me, but most of the time I think – again- who gives a shit? This blog is for me and for my friends (those people I already knew and those people i met along the way — you!)

  2. Sorry I’m posting so late!

    Mazel Tov on reaching 300! I love your writing — very often you speak to my soul. Your children are beautiful and even though we have never met, I feel that you are my friend.

    And my friend, as tired as you are, I think you have beautiful skin and very pretty eyes. So there.

    300. Wow!

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