Where We Are

14 Months. That’s where we are.

This time a few months ago, I was worried that Zach wasn’t where he was supposed to be, develomentally speaking. I still worry. I think I always will.

Zach has 4 teeth now. He tries to walk a little bit. Most of his development has been in the cognitive realm. Zach knows that a cow goes “moo”, and will even make the sound. He also can identify a sheep, pig, chicken, and dog, and imitate their sounds as well. He cannot verbalize the names of colors, but if you put a pile of blocks in front of him and ask for him to hand you one of a certain color, he gets it right. At first I was sure this was a fluke, but he manages to get the color right every time. Maybe this is because, for the past 14 months, I mention the color of every-fricken-thing I touch in front of him. As in, “See the ball? The ball is green.”, “See the car? That car is red. Zachy’s red car!”. Yeah, I’m a mom, and I’m annoying as hell to be around. I’m  surprised I don’t find myself in the bathroom exclaiming, “See the poop. Mommy’s brown poop.” Seriously, folks.

I am most decidedly Mama. John is Dada. Evan has become Bubba (Because we’ve been referring to him as Bubby to Zach all of this time). Before it was cute, but I wasn’t sure if there were meanings associated with the babbling. Now it is very purposeful and the intonation changes with Zach’s mood and intent. Earlier, I walked around the corner to go to the bathroom and I heard his little voice, “Mama? Mamaaaaa? MA-Maaaaaaaa????” And he did the same while Evan was visiting grandparents. He would crawl around the house, looking for “Ba-buuuuuhhhhh?” John would look at him and tell him Evan went Bye-bye, to which he would reply, “BAAAAA-Byeeee” Followed by his interpretation of Evan’s name, which incidentally came out the same way Evan said his own name when he was really small: Eh-nun. I tell you, it is the cutest thing in the world, listening to babies learn to talk.

Walking is another story for another post. As is his temper. But otherwise, he is so happy and so content. If you speak to him, he will give you the biggest of smiles, even if you are but a stranger in the grocery store.He’s just Zachy. That’s all I can say. It is hard to imagine that there was ever a time when he didn’t exist.



One thought on “Where We Are

  1. Heart melting. . . .

    I will never forget #2 son calling for his brother from the high chair: “Ba! Ba! Ba!BAAAAAAAAAA!” we had no idea what he wanted. Then brother walked into the room. #2 son sighed contentedly: “Ba!”. OK. I guess Ba is what we’ll call Joe for a few months.

    Write these sweet things down before you forget!!!!!!

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