The Sound of Laughter

The sound of laughter and carefree days,

of treasures found as children play.

What joy, what fun, in a simple way,

the wonderful sight of a childhood day.

Author: Connie Brockman

Here lately, I’ve noticed one of the lingering effects of bedrest that I never stop to think about. How much I really miss my family. When life started up again for me, the combination of work and classes, it never occurred to me how much I would miss just doing absolutely nothing with my boys. This past week of time off has been just that for me. Time with my babies. Time with my husband. Like this day, for example. I had completed my last paper for the week while we were still in Madisonville at John’s mom’s house, and I had nothing else that needed to be completed that couldn’t wait. And so I loaded Zach into his stroller and made Evan put some decent walking shoes on, and off we went to the neighborhood park. Just the three of us. Except that park has a huge sandbox smack-dab in the middle of it that was roped off with caution tape. Turns out bees took up residence there, and they were swarming. Queen Allergy is highly allergic. And just as we were turning around to leave, Zachy squeals “DaDAAAAA!”, pointing with his little chubby baby finger. I look up to see John walking toward us. He had gotten out of his shower and, instead of chillin’ in front of the tv without a wife and kids to worry about, he came to find us. Because if I am not working, we are always together. I’m not saying this in a bad way. That’s just how we roll. So we loaded up in the car and drove to another area park, where the boys played. Climbing, swinging, crawling. Being boys. And me there in the midst doing absolutely nothing. And it was wonderful. And I was once again reminded of what really matters in my life. And for once, instead of feeling guilty that I was wasting time by not accomplishing some task or other, doing nothing felt like it was exactly what I was supposed to be doing.


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