What the Hell?

I’ve been…somewhere other than here, obviously.

Life has been crazy at best. Working every day of the week. Evan went to his grandparents’ for his summer trip, and instead of getting things accomplished like I would normally do sans-Ev, I just worked more. Somewhere in the middle of last week, just when I was about to lose it from the no-break-for me, woe-is-me attitude I had adopted, it hit: Vacation. Well, not even vacation. I just scheduled myself with a huge gap of 7 whole days off and didn’t allow anyone to talk me into working on those days. I am in the midst of those days right now. I did, however, manage to cash in some of my vacation time, since I never get to use it and my hospital has adopted a use-it-or-lose-it approach to this time I earn off. So we are fresh from a trip to Madisonville, Kentucky where we spent sevtral days with my in-laws. There is much news to report for everyone in the house, and so I now have the daunting task of updating my blog while keeping on top of school work and catching up on the reading of everyone else’s blog. I did finish a book that I cannot wait to tell you all about, so there’s that as well. But tonight I am focused on my family. That and the new episode of Weeds that is on tonight. Be prepared for a barrage of posts, as I also hve some unfinished drafts to get posted as well. Sorry. I suck, and I know it.


2 thoughts on “What the Hell?

  1. I was wondering what you’ve been up to. Can’t wait to read your “barrage” of posts – although that has such a negative connotation. And when I think of your blog, I just think of how much it makes me smile!

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