The Origin of Bedsheets?

We have this long-running problem in our house in that I often do not think before I speak. The result of this shortcoming is that I often say some of the dumbest stuff you could possible imagine. And because I am a nerd with a history of success with all things academic, I guess I am supposed to be exampt from these little blurbs. And thus when I say something ridiculous, I never, ever  live it down. Seriously, NEVER!

And then once in a while, the heavens part, the stars align, and John says something completely ridonkulous. And I  get even. Boy, do I.

Last night, it was getting pretty late and we were watching tv after the kiddos went to bed. I don’t remember the context of it, but someone or thing on the tv mentioned Egyptian cotton sheets. We may have surfed through the home shopping network–I don’t know. And this is where John dropped a gem that I immediately snatched up to carry with me always.

JOHN: “What the hell is the big deal with Egyptian cotton? What does it matter where the damned sheep comes from?”

ME: “If you get Egyptian cotton from Egyptian sheep, where does one get Egyptian wool?”

And so John hung his head a little. And we got a good laugh out of it. All at his expense.



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