Screw it, I’m A Day Late

…And I’m tired.

…And I have a crap-ton of stuff I should be doing.

…and I only had one day off out of the past 7.

…And I’m late for Day 1 of the 30-Day Photo Challenge. Day 1. As in a self-portrait.

Did I mention that I’m tired? Well, here’s proof for you:

My I-have-to-write-these-papers-and-I-Really-Want-to-Sleep Pose


4 thoughts on “Screw it, I’m A Day Late

  1. Oh my God I have the same pose right now!

    Oh and as soon as school is out for me I am going to embark on this challenge. It looks like fun. I look forward to seeing the pictures you take.

    • you really, really should. You always have awesome photos on your blog, anyway. Might as well add to them and get some use out of the gajillion amounts of photography equipt you have to have laying wround!

  2. awww. you poor thing. seriously, i don’t know how you do it all. 7 days without a day off, you’re a mom, you’re taking classes, how the heck do you find time to even blog? for realz. 😦

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