Taking the Plunge

The first step in conquering a fear is to confront it head-on, right? I hate taking photos of myself. Or being in photos. I don’t know why. Maybe this is because I feel like, in the scheme of things in this house, I am the minor player. My boys take the front seat. But starting on Monday, I am going to do this 30-Day Photo Challenge. We’ll see what turns up.


3 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge

  1. This is so awesome. I was going to post “I’m waiting” yesterday but I figured you had a lot of shit going on. Even if it takes you 60 days – I will be checking every single day to see your visual perspective on things.

    • yeah, a lot of shit is correct. And I kept putting it off because I was going to do my hair and makeup so I would at least look a little less scary. But this morning, I was too damned tired to care. That shot was me after working all night, sleeping for 2 hrs and then getting up and writing a paper all fricken night. I deserve the haggard look, I think.

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