Why I Went to Bed at 5 AM and STILL Wasn’t Finished

Who could resist him?

Oh, for shit’s sake.

I am in this accelerated business program where it alternates between one class and two classes at a time, right? And the classes are five weeks long. Okay, we all have that down.

And I write insane amounts of papers. 3 papers each x 2,000 words per paper x 2 classes underway right now = a lot of farkin’ writing. We have that down, too. As do my professors. And this means that any time I have off of work is spent writing fucking papers. It couldn’t be possible that I have a demanding job. Or two kids who need their mommy. Or a husband who is in need of my attention. It just matters that MommyNeedsHerMBAStatSoSheCanTakeOverTheWorld. Yeah, right.

Friday, I was off. I had two papers due Saturday. But earlier in the week, when my boss called and asked me if I would cover a shift on Saturday, I said yes. So the papers had to get finished Friday. Then work on Saturday. Off on Sunday, but two more papers due today. Keep in mind, y’all, that when I have one day off at a time, it really isn’t a day off because I return from work at about 8AM andf then have to at least sleep a little.

So I am prepped. I’m ready. I even cleaned off my desk and made a home for the laptop, note-taking, and more. I was ready. I was going to Get. Shit. Done. And then this little voice said to me, ” Mommy, will you watch a movie with me?” Gah! Just thinking of that makes me cry. I had papers to write with only one day off. I had to return to work today and couldn’t devote the whole day to the writing of said paper. I had so, so much to do…

Of course I said yes. And so after my babies were all tucked in, I worked on 2,000 words on the post-Enron business world and the collapse of corporate social responsibility. And another 2,000 on the value of CVP Analysis in management accounting. It didn’t matter that I was up until 5 AM. Or that I still didn’t finish and know I would be giving up over half of my sleep time today before going to work, all to get the papers finished.

All that mattered was that voice. That request.

After all, there is absolutely no point in any of this shit without them. Without John, Evan, and Zach.

And so now, I will sleep. And I will have a whole 3 days off starting tomorrow morning. And I’ll spend it all with them.

Screw the MBA. Screw papers. Screw work. Just for 3 days.


4 thoughts on “Why I Went to Bed at 5 AM and STILL Wasn’t Finished

  1. Isn’t it amazing how nothing gets accomplished when you have kids? Good luck with the school work, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to do while raising kids.

  2. I, too, can understand now being able to get work done when they are awake. That is why I go to the library – where there are absolutely no distractions – to get grading done. Otherwise, it’s a total loss at home. Maybe if not the library, go to a Starbucks or something? Either way, you are an amazing mom!

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