Help Make Zach a Supermodel

Work it! Show me love!

Zachary’s photo (the worst one of six that I submitted) has made it to the voting to be selected as a weekly reader finalist. From there, they will pick a winner, but this is based on voting. They will also select semi-finalists and a finalist based on photo, not votes.

Help us out, peeps. Pretty, pretty please with gumdrops on top?


Oh, and here is the photo they selected! Keep in mind that you were not supposed to submit professional photos, but it looks like all of the others did. Cheaters!

I need you votes, People!





4 thoughts on “Help Make Zach a Supermodel

    • Ugh. Because it goes on voting and I don’t have a million people who can vote for him like that. His place keeps changing and I’m sure he’s at the bottom somewhere by now. Sucky. Thanks for trying, though.

  1. He is so precious in that photo. It may not be professional, but who can resist that beautiful smile and those gorgeous eyes? I hope he wins.

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