A Mom’s Life Reduced to This

For this post, I’m not going to sling astrophysics for you guys. I’m not going get into some deep discussion about end-of-life issues and bioethics like I encounter at work. I’m not going to get into my currentt study of business law or accounting or any other subject that I am encountering in my quest for my MBA.

Nope. Today we are going to talk about strollers. Yeah, I’m serious.

I wanted this expensive travel system when I was pregnant with Zach. And then bedrest hit and about 50% of my income went out the door as we were forced to live on the remainder of my vacation time and disability insurance payments. And so the posh things I was planning on buying got replaced with cheaper versions. And instead, I bought this. Nothing wrong with it at all. I loved the pattern I loved it so much that his swing and Pack&Play match. My only complaint was that it took up so much room in my car that there were many times when we were out and wanted to stop somewhere to buy something, like groceries, and had to go home and drop the stroller off first. And the back of my car is pretty damned roomy. It got old. Then our preemie turned out to be a chunkster and we had to upgrade to the Snugride 35 car seat. It worked great with the stroller, and we found it in the same pattern, so no harm, no foul. Except that the thing, plus the chunkster baby, weighed so damned much that I could barely lift it. As soon as he outgrew it, we headed for the convertible carseats and I was excited that I could abandon this monster and get something that would fit into may car along with the groceries. And I looked and looked, and was about to buy the original stroller I wanted, minus the infant carseat when John advised me to look for somethig cheaper, you know, just to see. Enter this damned thing:This is the Combi Cosmo EX. It wasn;t cheap, but feels like it. I love that it folds once, and then in on itself to make it the smallest stroller to haul, and it would be perfect for travel. It also feels as if it is going to disintegrate into a heap of stroller bits when you hit a bump. Screw it. So I am going to go and get what I wanted initially:This is the Peg Perego Pliko Switch. It has to be the most versatile stroller on the planet. And at $400, it had damned well better not fall apart. And if I would have gotten it from the beginning, I would have actually saved myself $400.

Mom was right: Do it right the first time. You truly get what you pay for…


(Side Note: Half of this post randomly disappeared. I tried to fix it with the speed reader’s version of what was said the first time.)


5 thoughts on “A Mom’s Life Reduced to This

  1. not having any kids, i’m not exactly qualified to comment … however i will any way. i think those overpriced strollers are kinda of a waste, like pricey wedding dresses. they’ve got a somewhat short lifespan so as long as the item is safe and serves the purpose, why waste the money? 😉

    • Absolutely. But I think I may be saving some money. There was an ad for someone selling one. Turns out they bought it, put it all together and got it ready to use, then found out they are having twins. So I am going to be getting a new stroller for haklf the price. (If everything works out, that is!)

  2. That is awesome! I like good quality stuff at a discount price! Nothing beats used or “pre-owned”. If it’s still in good condition you feel like you are keeping something from entering a landfill by continuing to get use out of it.

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