God Help Us All

… because Andrea has found the way to blog from a cell. HOLY SHIZNIT!

I mean, really. The world is now my oyster. I should sing from the rooftops or something. Of course this means you all are in for it! Because now there is no limit. I can share all sorts of useless crap with you. Looooooove it.


2 thoughts on “God Help Us All

  1. I don’t mean to be D-U-M dumb, but how do I “follow” you and make you show up on my blogroll?

    I am blushing with embarassment now.

    • Well, there are a couple of options. You can vlivk the subscribe link and I think you will get email updates. As far as putting this on your blogroll, I think because this is wordpress, you’ll have to enter it manually. On blogger, go to design an get to where you see your layout. Find your blogroll and lick on edit and you can enter site name and URL.

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