Breaking Up Ain’t So Hard to Do

"No, Zachy, don't eat the rocks!"

Okay, so we have had about 5 minutes of sunshine this week and I have about the same amount of free time this week, so if there was ever a time when bitchypants was feeling bitchy, this is it. We did manage to take the boys to the park on the one day it wasn’t raining and Twister Sally wasn’t trying to come and take us away. Above is the evidence. This was the first time we really were able to let the baby down to play and explore a little. He only cared about trying to eat the pebbles from the path on the playground. But that isn’t what I had to say.

What I had to say is this:

Eff You, Blogger.

Yep, that’s right. For some reason, Blogger decided to act like a jealous ex-boyfriend this week. Maybe he found out about this blog? Who knows, but basically the only thing I could do with my nice blog was read the damned thing. And just like the disgruntled ex-girlfriend, I dumped off a couple of S.O.S messages to a couple of follwers to let them know I was moving, and I packed my shit and got out. Read: Import blog. And so now Being Veruca and bitchypants  have merged into a bastard child of my dysfunction and here we are.

And now I’m feeling a little guilty. Blogger saw me through my horrendous pregnancy. We had our good times. We really did. I’ve made some friends through my blogs there, even though my writing is sucky at best. But it was just time to move on. We were just no good for each other any longer.

I hope to see some familiar faces here, especially considering the word about this blog hasn’t gotten out yet.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Up Ain’t So Hard to Do

  1. That really sucks. Did you complain to blogger? At the very least you should be able to at least write a new post that directs people to here. Or maybe this: Can you comment as bitchy pants on your blog and at least link the new blog on the comment?

    Anyway, I might be following you pretty soon. I am getting tired of blogger and it’s limited themes. I also want to be able to better manipulate my photos, which I cannot do at all on blogger. And I am super pissed about losing one of my parenting posts.

    • Nope, haven’t complained to Blogger. I can’t believe you lost a whole post, though. Crazy.

      When I try to post any comments, it kicks me to my login screen. I can log in and try to post the comment, but it keeps kicking me bck to the login, no matter what I do. I tried to post a link with the new blog address and it will let me type it and save it, but clicking on the publish button gets me nothing. I’ve tried reloading, closing and reopening, trying to post from the “edit posts” link, and more. Nada. It’s been like this since my last post. I finally got frustrated and said “forget it”.

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