>From the "Oh My God" Files

>I didn’t get this. I ruined my proposal because A) I knew what ring I was getting and I wanted it, and B) the jeweler made the mistake of letting me know it had come in. Poor John wanted to surprise me, and I really tried to be patient, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted my princess-cut solitaire. (Incidentally, princess-cut because John used to call me his princess.) I’m not one for flash and show. I’m more understated than that. And when the wait became too much for me, I finally asked for my ring. John’s reaction? To take the little black velvet ring box out of his pocket, toss it in my lap, and say, “Here, then! Marry me. Put this on your finger.” As he was getting out of his Explorer to go into a convenience store. For real. That’s my proposal. But John’s a romantic, so I would’ve gotten much better, had it not been for me being, well….me.

But this guy? This guy went to some effort. Impressive.


4 thoughts on “>From the "Oh My God" Files

  1. Mine sort of went the same way. I kept expecting my [now husband] to ask me on all these special trips/dates we went on. After about five weeks we were at a bar after work and I was upset. He asked me what was wrong and I told him I was upset because he hadn’t asked me to marry him yet. Then he pulled out the ring and said “you should have waited a little longer – I had something special planned.” I felt like crap.

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