It’s me. Your tour guide into the world of bitchiness.

Quite honestly, I am a mom who does every-friggin’-thing. And I have a blog. But it is my “nice” blog. Don’t get me wrong–I occasionally kvetch like hell on there. I am, afterall, human. But I have my mom side. And my wife side. And my professional side. And my student side. And none of these sides involve use of the word “fuck” on a normal basis without receiving some frowns from a bunch of pissed-off people. And I happen to like the word. And taking a cue from one of my favorite bloggers of all time, I decided to create a space where I can do and say whatevs I want to say: things you may not want to hear, things I cannot say on a regular basis in public, things I would never allow my children to hear come from my mouth ( or fingers since I am typing this shit).

While I realize I may not ever have a single reader on this new site, and that really isn’t the point of my writing this blog, if you’re out there, let me know. I like to know I’m not alone. It gives me those warm fuzzies. If you love me or what I have written, let me know that shit, too. If you hate me and want me to burn in hell? Or if what I write offends you, there is this nifty little red and white “x” in the upper right corner of this window. Use it and shut me down. I won’t care. I promise. Because I have stuff to say. And things to get off of my F-cups.  If you’re up for it, sit back and enjoy the free-flowing toxicity I am about to spew.


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