Bitch Stole My Idea

So I’m getting ready to cook dinner. I decide we’re going to have mostacioli. Mmmm. Or so I thought. Because I get in the ‘fridge to get the cheese and …Who the fuck ate all of the mozarella???Okay, nevermind, I’ll make spaghetts. Except someone whom I am legally obligated to love used all of that, too. We have half of a small box of angel hair. Not gonna work in this house of hosses. So we are going to the store. And everyone keeps adding shit to my list as I am about to walk out the door. So screw it–all ya’ll bitches are coming with.    Okay, so I am the store with the kidlings and hubster and I see this on the shelf:

I swear I didn’t copy her shit. Really.

And no, I do not live under a rock. They just don’t let me out much these days. But Bossypants? Really? On the same day I create a bitchfest blog entitiled Bitchypants. So now I look like I’m a plaigerist (or one who plaigerizes-whatever that word may be). I’m not. I’m really, really not.

Oh well. Whatevs. My crap’s probably going to be better than hers, anyway. Just sayin’.

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