>Why We Don’t Cosleep

>This is why right here.

Because tonight we unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate an eleven-month-old baby girl. Who got trapped in her mother’s nightgown. In a nice neighborhood. With educated and doting parents. And she suffocated. And died.

I farking hate my job.


3 thoughts on “>Why We Don’t Cosleep

  1. >OMG that makes me want to vomit.Partly because it is such a tragedy.And partly because I have been a co-sleeper for 2 out of 3. I am so sorry for you and to that family!

  2. >Yeah I know. It was one of those images seared into your brain that will never, ever leave. We have with Zach before, mainly when he was a newborn. His crib was in our room so we didn't have to very often. This is the first time I have encountered this, but it has been happening enough that the county coroner's office had posted warnings about it on the walls of labor and delivery at the hospital. And of course right before that was a little boy whose parents intentionally broke his arm. Not a good night on the job.

  3. >We've never coslept. In fact, the only time I ever lay down in bed with my son is for the occasional nap with NO blankets and a small pillow for me. What I don't get is how the same people who make women feel like a murderer for giving formula, who tell you you're going to hell for using regular diapers and *often* the same ones who cosleep and endanger their child's life for what? more sleep? So they wont' have to get out of bed? I'm all about parenting choices, but not ones that are so dangerous.

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