>No She Didn’t

>So I was taking care of a patient the other day, and what she said to me just came back to me for some random reason. Let me set the scene first:

It’s hot in the hospital. Hot because, well, it’s hot. We’ve had some unseasonably colder days here, so the a/c isn’t rocking full time yet, even though it is supposed to be May/ Spring. And these frail little old ladies I go to see have the heat in their rooms cranked up. And I run from room to room to room. Up and working. And yes, it is hot.

So I’m in this room, giving this old bag her breathing treatment. And her room is sweltering. Her nurse is also in there to give her pain meds, and she and I were making small talk. I mentioned I was burning up, and she agreed that it was hot on their unit of the hospital. And the patient looked up at me with a sympathetic smile and said words that had me reeling:

“Ahhhh, menopause. Hot flashes.”

“STFU, you old bag!”, is what I really wanted to say. But that would get me fired or at least “talked to”, and I try to avoid that. But her nurse? God, I am loving this nurse right about now, because she honestly looked at the patient and told her she was crazy, that I just had a baby last year.

Take that, Old Bag.

Menopause, my ass. You’re just old. And jealous because I can breathe without torturing some poor, overworked RT.


2 thoughts on “>No She Didn’t

  1. What a shitty way to talk about somebody in your care, regardless of whether or not they’re a passive aggressive old bitch.

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