>Swept Away


I have a confession to make: I am enthralled in this whole Royal Wedding thing. Why? I can only speculate. I’m not usually one to care about this type of thing. I do remember waking up one morning as a little girl and finding my mother clutching her coffee mug while staring raptly at the television screen as Charles and Diana wed. Some of the details of that are a blur, except that I seem to remember that it was God-awful early in the morning, and Mom had been awake for hours. Watching the commentaries, the images of the processional route in her cloud of Vantage ultralight 100’s carcinogens at a time when the idea of second-hand smoke being as harmful as active smoking was almost laughable. And so clad in my Strawberry Shortcake pajamas, I watched with her over my Pop-Tarts.
The history, the symbolism. The romanticism as a commoner became a princess in a sea of ivory dress that was so beautiful then. Now it looks like a monstrosity of a dress, but then? Then it was all about that dress and whether she would mess up Chuck’s name during the vows. And I watched with the dream all little girls have of their fairytale wedding and what it would be like to be a princess.

So now I’m a grown woman with a career. And a husband. And 2 kids. I never had the fairytale wedding. I wore a pencil skirt and a white silk blouse when John and I wed ten years ago. I never became a princess. Things are so different for me now than they were in my childhood fantasies. But I am still watching the fairytales. That part never changed. But instead of dreaming of what can be, I’m reflecting on how things are. I married the love of my life. I have a career that, while not what I planned, is rewarding and fulfilling. And I have my boys. Would my life have been different if those dreams would have been fulfilled? Absolutely. Would it have been better? Nobody knows, but all I’m saying is that Diana died being chased by paparazzi.
So I will watch the wedding. I’ll wish I had the roses and the dress and the carriages. But this time around, I will be grateful for this life I have right now.

2 thoughts on “>Swept Away

  1. >I am hoping against hope that they have a nice life together. I am not a royalphile, but I do kinda like Wills. I was in 8th grade when Chas wed Di. Charles Philip Arthur George. Never forget it. The good news is, Kate is a grownup. Di grew up in front of us.

  2. >great perspective. i mentally checked out of the wedding hoopla a long time ago. could be because i'm surrounded by it at work. i'm just happy that they're married, it's over and we can all resume our regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

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