>Dental Woes


Evan. Evan Evan Evan.

So I am working the busy ER when my husband calls me to tell me that my beloved eldest child is complaining of a toothache and bracing the right side of his face in agony. I immediately feel horrible because I realize that in the blur of the year of pregnancy and bedrest and new Zach, we have neglected to take the big one to the dentist for his annual cleaning. In this busy house, the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. And so Evan’s teeth decided it was their turn to squeak. So I told John to give him some ibuprofen and send him to bed, that we would get him in with a dentist the following morning. John responded with a call back to the ER to tell me that in my shining example of motherhood, I managed to stock adult ibuprofen and infants’ ibuprofen, but nothing in between. In steps my trusty ER Nurse friends to save the day: Evan is old enough, give him 2 adult ones with a small meal to avoid stomach upset.

So it takes 2 days to get Ev in with a dentist. We chose one that does orthodontics as well, since we already know we are heading there. And John takes him while I sleep off 5 12’s in a row and a couple of marketing papers. And he comes home, frantically waking me to tell me the verdict: Evan has 8 cavities. Eight!

I immediately blame the pig stage we are in. I mean, I make the kid brush his teeth. He emerges from the bathroom with toothpaste breath. I assume he has brushed. And he may have been all along. But apparently not well. One tooth is so bad that it is all the way down to the nerve and needs a pulpotomy. Seriously, Evan?

So yesterday, we got our care plan for the dentist. Pulpotomy first. If he handles that well, they will do the rest of the work in the office. If not, it is off to Cincinnati Children’s, where they will do all of the remaining work under general anesthesia. And the ballpark figure of my expense for all of this after insurance? Only the bargain price of $1600. I mean, it isn’t like it matters, right? The kiddo needs it and the kiddo will get it. But this whole experience requires some research on my part.

As in how in the blue hell did my 9-year-old son come up with 8 cavities?

So I declare it a new day. No more sugar. No soft drinks (not like he drank a lot to begin with…). No more brushing twice a day. Nope, not for Evan. He brushes after he eats anything from now on. But still…8????

And then I find it out. That John has been giving in while I am at work and allowing Evan to take snacks to bed. Cookies. Ice cream. Candy. Ahhhh, we are such great parents. Turns out it was easier for John to do this than to deal with Ev’s meltdowns. So $1600 it is.

Hey John! Remember that backrest you wanted for the Harley? The backseat? The saddle bags? The stuff we were planning to do to the motorcycle this summer? I know exactly where you can find them. They’ll all be in Evan’s mouth.

4 thoughts on “>Dental Woes

  1. >It is NOT John's fault. OK, maybe a little. But I had a bunch of cavities when I was little too. Lots. And I SWEAR we brushed twice a day. Evan will probably have a nice set of crowns when he is in his 40's. Just like me.Maybe not. I am sure the industry will progress significantly in the next 30 years. Ever notice that Dental insurance SUX???

  2. >First off, I've been writing a post about dental woes in my head for weeks now. I just couldn't figure out how to write it without going into detail about my dental history, which is EXTENSIVE! I am very similar to Evan. I am truly convinced that some people are cursed with soft teeth and that makes them more susceptible to cavities. (Keith hasn't gone to the dentist since I've met him and he has never had the need to go). It doesn't help when you add junk food and candy to it either. I was guilty of eating both when I was a kid too. I am in my 30s and already have several crowns. I used to joke that one look at my mouth (once filled with silver fillings) would convince any child to brush his teeth regularly.

  3. >I know, B. I've been hearing this from more and more people. I'm like Keith: I had to FIND a dentist when I got my wisdom teeth pulled/ cut out last year because I don't usually neeed one. I go to get them cleaned, but any random dentist can do that. Haven't had any issues since I was a little kid. They just aren't pretty. I think Ev is going to be like you. Sucks for both of you! Sorry.

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