>Thanks for Ruining the Lesson….



Today, we were making the trip home from the park when we encoutered a homeless guy. I am reasonably soft-hearted about this and will do what I can. And this guy said he just needed food. So we take a detour through a nearby McDonald’s drive-thru because I’m sure he didn’t care about counting calories and fat content at that point. We not only bought him a combo meal, but we also got him a $30 gift card with the idea that it would feed him for a couple of days. Evan was in the backseat making his sad Evan face. The kid has a bleeding heart like me and promptly wanted us to take the man home with us to live forever. I was setting a good example by doing this in front of Evan. My way of saying, “Evan Robert, you appreciate the things you have and you always do what you can for your fellow man who may have a lot less than you.” I am feeling all uber-Mom-ish and proud that I am setting such a great example. And Evan is feeling proud that we are doing something nice for the man.

So we maneuver down one-way streets to get turned around in traffic so we can drive by the man in a way that allows John to quickly hand the man the food and gift card while in traffic. And we do, and he thanks us. And so now we have to turn around again to get to the direction we were originally going. Which means we have to drive back by him.

The Bastard! He was still there. With his sign that says “feed me” or whatever it said. After I spent $40 on him because he was starving. If he were truly hungry, wouldn’t he have been eating the damned food?

So lesson plan averted. Instead, Evan learned that there are people out there who will take advantage of those willing to help, that this is probably why there are so few people willing to do so anymore. And this is what is wrong with humanity in general.

Not exactly the lesson I wanted my baby to learn at such a young age. It would have been more appropriate if Evan were, say, 20 or 30. Not 9.

Bastard will probably go et in his nice car and hit the drive-thru to feed his family that is waiting at home for him. Home that is probably nicer than mine. I got swindled.

4 thoughts on “>Thanks for Ruining the Lesson….

  1. >That's just awful. It happened to us, too, but without kids. This guy was walking around saying he's hungry, he has no money. We were at McDonalds so we bought him an apple pie and gave him a couple bucks — he said all he needed was $2. Then went to the next table and asked for $2.

  2. >My husband once gave a homeless guy some burger king & the guy said "This has too much fat. . .can't you just give me cash?"You did the right thing by showing Evan the love you have for the less fortunate. Now he also knows that sometimes it is our choices that make us less fortunate.

  3. >There is a homeless guy who stands near the entrance ramp to the bridge I cross every morning. Sometimes he looks so sad, I want to stop and give him something, anything. I don't though. Good for you and John for doing what you thought was the right thing. Shame on the receiver.

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