>Our Carpet Picnic (Among Other Things)


Tonight we gnoshed on homemade chicken alfredo and garlic bread. Zach participated in the family dinner today as we settled on the living room floor with bowls brimming with pasta. And I got brave. Despite Zach’s trouble with tectures in his food, I gave him few noodles and a the crusty end of the loaf of bread. He was more interested in the bread than the noodles, but he did fine with both: no gagging, no sputtering, no choking.

He also pulled himself to a standing position today for the first time, though I didn ‘t capture that on film. Before I could, he landed on his little butt.
Go, Zachy, Go!
More from today, courtesy of Evan and John, all taken while I tried to sleep away my illness (in one, you can even see my blog pulled up in the background as I fell asleep with it open):

Disclaimer: Why does my kid appear to weigh a gazillion pounds in the pic of him on the ride-on toy??? He only weighs 20 lbs, 4 oz., which is significantly slowed down from an earlier gaining pace. But the kid is only 23.75 inches long, making him as wide as he is tall almost. Welcome to your genes, Zachy!


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