>Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Otitis, Oh My!

>So after staying up virtually all night, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I even tried taking my ultra-vast tome of Austen into the bathroom and sitting in a hot bath for what seemed like forever. It would have been relaxing except that heat made me cough even more. As in coughing so hard you puke. And I have gone through 90 puffs of my inhaler since Monday. So I stayed up as long as I could because, by the time I was finished in the bathroom, it was almost 5 AM, and I figured what’s a few more hours? The plan was to call the doctor’s office at 8AM sharp and get an appointment. They do this uber-frustrating thing where they book up all appointments except what they call “same day appointments” for the suddenly ill. But they will only fill same day appointments on that day. So unless you call as soon as they open, you ain’t gettin’ one, sister!

I fell asleep. And woke at 8:45. From coughing. And wheezing. And gagging.

And so I thought to myself about all of the people who clog our ERs for the stupidest of reasons (“My pee has bubbles in it!”) without either insurance or the ability to pay the bill. Not making a statement about healthcare–we treat the indigent. But really? If tax payers are gonna pay for your visit, shouldn’t it be a true emergency? Anyhow, I figure I am insured and can pay my bill, so double score! And in scrub bottoms and a ratty sweatshirt I have worn since yesterday, and with my hair so crazy I look like a lunatic, I go to the ER. Not sure whether it is my claim as one of them or what, but I got back pretty quickly and was seen even quicker than that. Turns out I have bronchitis, which is exacerbating my asthma, a sinus infection, and for a triple dose of fun, a middle ear infection. By the way, who gets an ear infection over the age of 5? Me, that’s who!

So I’m on antibiotics and steroids and have to step up my game on my asthma meds. After calling in sick last night because I was miserable, I was ordered to not work tonight, either. I hate that. The only times I have missed work is for my bedrest during my pregnancy and when I was hospitalized for pneumonia a couple of years ago. I hate it I hate it I hate it.
So here I am, nursing myself back to health, trying to get better without innocculating the rest of the clan with my cooties. Of course this involves dowsing myself with Purell evert 5 minutes.

Being sick sucks.


2 thoughts on “>Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Otitis, Oh My!

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