>Hurry and Eat Before We Starve


thumbnailCA404U66I’m wondering how it is that this happens? Seriously. How does one go to the grocery store and spend $300 and be out of so much in just 2.5 days?

I came home from work this morning to discover “we” have gone through an entire box of fruit snacks, a case of Diet Mt. Dew, a box of my granola bars, a box of microwavable soft pretzels I bought because I’ve been craving them, 3 frozen pizzas, an entire bag of pretzels…

Well, we didn’t do it. Evan did. Well, all of it except for the Diet Mt. Dew.

Lately I’ve been seriously trying to cut back on the amount of junk food this family consumes and instead have been buying healthier snacks, fruits, veggies. You get the idea. I do buy a few—a very select few—snacks that he especially likes. And we unload the groceries from the car and put them away. And then it starts:

“I’m hungry. Can I have a______”

Of course when I’m here, because I don’t want my kid to weigh 300 lbs., I try to limit him. And then I go to work. And I come back to this. And John insists Evan eats it all, and I believe him because I know Evan. And then I ask John, “Didn’t you tell him NO?” John’s answer is always that, yes, he did, but Evan does it anyway.

Evan is 9 years old. John is 36. C’mon, now. Really? I know it’s easier to give in than to deal with one of Evan’s tantrums, but really this is why Evan has tantrums. Because he’s smart enough to know that John will give in. And then the vicious cycle starts. And I am the one paying for it.

The one working my butt off for the money to buy the groceries that are virtually gone in 2.5 days. And also the one who has no quick snacks available when I have a day off. Nope, by the time I have one of those, the only way we can eat is for me to cook a 5-course meal, get takeout, or simply go to the grocery store again to buy more food that will be gone in 2.5 days. And if I did that, I’d be spending well over $3K a month for groceries. Seriously, y’all. I do okay, but I can’t spend that fricken much.

I’ve thought of doing several things. I could just buy stuff by the day. But I hate  going to the grocery store, so this isn’t a good option. I’ve actually tried this one: not buying any convenience foods or snacks. The result? Fast-effin’-food 3 meals a day. Blech. Which leaves the only other option: putting a padlock on the fridge and cabinets. Really, though? Who does this? And I have a feeling this will damage Evan even more. Making food and eating such an issue will result in him having issues with food. And as a result, issues with weight.

As a fatty, I don’t want that for my kid.

I just know the current plan isn’t working.

And I’m sending out an S.O.S. to my peeps in the Blog World. Have you ever dealt with this? How did you fix it? Any ideas?


3 thoughts on “>Hurry and Eat Before We Starve

  1. >Oh, agh! this is a tough one. i'm sorry i don't have any solutions for you! the only thought i had was to sit down with him and go through the financials of it, rather than the food part. if that makes sense? does he get an allowance?

  2. >Oh Girrrrllllll. Do I ever.Every time I go to the grocery store I think: what will I do when they are teenagers? Here's what did it for me. The Dave Ramsey Budget. We have $200 PER WEEK to spend on groceries. When the money is out, it's out. That means we have to plan our meals. And our snacks. Do we eat out? Yes. We have a budget for it. WHen the money is out, it's out. Do we eat junk? Yes. WAYYYY too much junk.But by following the budget (which your husband has to be on board with or it will never work), the kids know that No means No. Hope it helps!

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