>The Coupon Diva’s Night Out


So the fam and I went out last night to dinner, to rent movies, and then to the grocery store. And I am going to use this opportunity to vent about kids’ Valentines. You know those valentines everybody gives out because they’re like 200 for $1? For the free meals? Well around these parts, that restaurant is Frisch’s. Don’t get me wrong–I love their onion rings and hot fudge cake, but it is decidedly crap. And those free meals really aren’t free because you can’t get it to go. Meaning Evan begs and begs to use it, and to do so, we all have to go. But we don’t eat free. My guess is that risch’s make a killin’ on those things. And so last night, when John and I both wanted italian, Evan insisted. I can’t complain though. Both children behaved impeccably. Zach, who has been rather fussy lately (either teeth, his cold, or the fact that he’s been waking about 10 times per night these days) chilled in his Floppy Seat/ high chair combo at the table and actually interacted with us for the first time while eating out. Then, when our food came, he just munched on the straps of his floppy seat while we ate.

So then I get this wild idea. While the boys are behaving, I’m going to try to do something I have never done: use coupons! I have a coworker who can get stuff free by the way she uses coupons. I’m not talking that hardcore, but just want to save a few bucks. Usually my trips to the supermarket are kinda like the 80’s show Supermarket Sweep where you hurry and throw random shit in the cart before Evan has a full-blown tantrum and Zachy completely melts down. But they’re behaving, so I can do this, right?
Fricken-A Right, I can! First stop: BRU. We need formula and other general stuff. I am armed with a “$4 off of two cans of powdered formula” coupon, and gift cards I got for buying two big boxes of Pampers and a large box of wipes last time I was there
(hey, I was gonna buy them anyway…). Well the moral of the story is that I walked out of there with 4 huge cans of formula (manufacturer made cans with “25% more free”), teething biscuits, and 4-4 packs of the organic baby food I use when we go out. I spent—Ta-Daaaaaaaa!–$48!!!! When the little cans of formula I normally buy are $25 each!
So on I go to the supermarket from there, and I won’t bore you with the details, but between the sales they were having with their frequent shoppers’ card, and the coupons I had, I saved about $68 off of my order.
That’s money I would have spent.
Holy crap!
I am a fricken COUPON DIVA now! I’m converted.

3 thoughts on “>The Coupon Diva’s Night Out

  1. >1. Your boys are gorgeous. 2. I have one of those coupon goddesses at my office too. She taught me how to shop at JC Penney's & I SWEAR I lvoe Penney's now. Who knew?

  2. >Girl, I am all about some couponing. I want to be one of those hardcore ones–that gets like 2 buggys full of crap for like $25. But, I have a job and 2 little kids and a husband that coaches and no time to clip coupons and shop and 10 different stores. But, one day! One day I will be a real coupon diva!

  3. >Yeah, Jenny, I agree. No time for that crap, either. But We can dream…Thanks Mary! Never been big on Penney's. Maybe you can convert me.

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