>9 Months

>Today, my Zach is 9 months old. I cannot believe we are 3/4ths of the way through his first year. Gah!
He is still working on that first tooth. Just when I think I am going to have to pay professionals to surgically help him, he shows me, once again, that he will do it all in his own time. Yesterday, when I felt his gum with my finger, it felt like it might be breaking through finally. I went to check the progress this morning and he puckered his lips and shook his head as if to say, “No way, Lady.” So I have no more progress to update than that.
Speaking of “when he woke up this morning”,I went into his room and gasped in horror. He was laying face down. The plan was to peek in and check on him without waking, but the position he was in freaked me out so badly that I instantly reached down and poked him to make sure he was breathing. His entire upper body was out of the swaddler and he had rolled over to get into a comfy position for him. Too bad it is a position that completely scares the crap out of me. The risk of SIDS is supposed to be virtually nonexistent after 6 months, so just when I think we are in the clear, I remind myself that Zach is almost 2 months younger than his chronologic age. So up until now, he has still been swaddled in order to sleep. This morning changed that, I think. Of course whether or not he will sleep without the swaddler remains to be seen. There may be some rough, sleep-deprived waters in our near future.
He has started to do some major catching up in the past month. Pulling himself up about three quarters of the way. Graduating to the big boy carseat. Really, truly sitting up. Transitioning from a prone position to sitting. His cognitive skills are great. When he’s sitting in front of you and you clap your hands, his little face lights up and he takes over for you, using his hands to clap yours. Yesterday, John was singing the Pat-a-Cake song to him and Zach was doing all of the motions for John using John’s hands. He’ll pick up his binky or bottle and try to put it in my mouth, his version of sharing. If he gets ahold of my glasses, he’ll try to put them on his own face, because, hey, that’s where they go, right? Right now, we’re working on the finer points: his ring stack; blocks; nesting cups; the concepts of in/out, over/under, etc. I bought him a set of these large soft blocks and have been working with him on how to build stacks, and he knocks them down, squeals with delight, and throws them at me. Oh, well. We’ll get there. Thankfully,I bought the soft blocks…
Zach has quite the little personality. When I was at BRU buying the carseat and lightweight stroller this past month, it became apparent that I would be needing a new Floppy Seat. Ours was actually fitted to a cart with no elastic and was too complex for words. As a result, it remains on Zach’s closet shelf, unused. We bought the actual brand Floppy Seat instead and since he now is out of the infant carseat, it goes with us to stores so Zach can sit in the shopping cart. And he does. He perches like a little prince and stares at everything and everyone. Shopping takes twice as long because he is way more visibile now and with his chubby, rosy cheeks, he looks like the fricken Gerber baby. So random strangers stop us over and over, and of course social Zach smiles and coos and babbles at them, and so they talk to him even longer. And in case someone doesn’t notice him, he will let out a yell until they do, and then laugh and smile when they look his way, and the above process starts. Evan was like this, too. For some reason, my children have no concept of stranger anxiety and would be easy as pie for a pedophile/kidnapper/axe murderer to snatch.
He eats well, too. That’s no shock if you’ve seen pics of him. We’ve yet to have any food challenges. Well, unless you count the fact that anything thicker than pudding gags him. I think this is more of a developmental thing and will pass. He doesn’t like veggies though. Feeding him has gotten just a tad more difficult in that he insists on trying to help. He’s also very interested in our food, our drinks. And I doubt that, no matter how creative I get with rationalizations, I can fit my Diet Mt. Dew into the all natural diet I have created for him. This is probably the greatest source of frustration because no matter how much he wants to try our stuff, he has the GI system of a 7 month old and so I know he isn’t ready to handle it yet.
All-in-all, he’s still an absoute joy. I keep waiting to hit a rough patch or a challenge and we never do. Teething hasn’t phased him. Solid foods hasn’t. Sleep never did. Where did this easy, happy baby come from? We haven’t encountered an ear infection, a cold, a runny nose. He’s not been sick once. Even with baby-proofing the house! I can be more laid-back with Zach because if he starts to go after something we don’t want him to, all we have to do is say, “No, Zachy”, and redirect him, and he is fine with it. I couldn’t do any of this with Evan, who was hell on wheels.
So there you have it. The plan for the next month is to have his pics taken and start to plan for his birthday. Both are going to be big operations because last time we visited the photographer, we did pics of just Zach. I was thinking we need new pics of Evan as well this time when John informed me he also wants family portraits. Meaning I have to be in the shots, too. And I am the least photogenic person in the world, so I dread it. And for his birthday, we are thinking of going down to John’s mom’s to have his birthday party, which requires planning and requests for days off. His first birthday. I cannot believe it will be here that soon.
In closing, here are some pics, starting with an atrocious one of me with Zach as we slept on the living room floor after I got home from work one morning. Of course, John had to get out the camera.


3 thoughts on “>9 Months

  1. >You are too photogeneic! You just don't see enough pics of yourself, thats all.I am a dorky scrapbooker (go ahead & make fun of me). I am a big beleiver in getting photos of you in there with your kiddos. Because in 60 years? They will look at those pics and say "There's mama. Wasn't she gorgeous?" I even have a photo of myself IN A BATHING SUIT in a photo album. I'm playing on the beach with my toddler. Reading your descriptions of Zach at this age make me so nostalgic for that age. Give him a big nomnom kiss on those cheeks for me!

  2. >I agree- I absolutely love the picture of you and Zach- now I can see where he gets his good looks – he looks just like you. Do you resemble your mother as well? I'm betting that if he's slept this long and this well being swaddled, he will be used to sleeping well and long without it. Cole sleeps on his belly too. He has been since about 5 months. At first it freaked me out, but now it's the only way he sleeps comfortably.

  3. >Thanks ladies. I agree, Mary, and so I WILL do it. My mom was the same as me, and as a result, there are very few pictures of her out there. I have only one, and it was taken to test the film in my camera before I left for my junior prom. She died 2 years later, and all I've got is this accidental picture of her and my memories.And yes, Bianca, I look identical to my mom. So much that childhood pics of us look identical. The only way we could tell which were me and which were her is by the stuff in the pics–an old car in the background, old-fashioned clothes, etc. Incidentally, we two were the only ones in my entire family tree to have nostrils that are two different shapes. Seriously. I used to want to have it fixed, but it feels like a sort of link to her now. Well, now there is a third person with the flaw: Zach. Ha!

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