>Zach’s New Ride, The Awesome Husband Award, and the Pot and Kettle


Zach got a new ride a few days ago. Well, Zach got a lot of new things this week. Evan too, for that matter. It all started with the car seat. We had purchased a big-boy carseat and had a “carseat tech” install it, but then when Evan tried to get in the car next to it, he didn’t have room to even get a seat belt latched, and so the carseat immediately was taken out of the car and replaced with Zach’s infant carseat once again. We returned it for a refund, but then had to revisit the whole issue once again. We have solved the problem because this time, Evan went with us, and we secured both boys in the car to be sure before we even left the BRU parking lot. And I was so happy because not using Zach’s infant carseat meant there was no longer a reason I had to use the companion stroller.
I hated that stroller.
If you have a stroller in your car, you’re a mom. And if you’re a mom, you’re going to need to get groceries. And that damned stroller was so big that I had to put it in the house if I planned on buying more than 2 or 3 bags of groceries. Seriously. With only 2 kids, I shoudn’t need a cargo van to go to the supermarket. So Ta-Daaaaaaa! I now had an excuse to buy a new, more compact stroller. But I hate umbrella strollers. Geeez, I really am hard to please. So we found the solution: The Combi Cosmo EX stroller. Light. Folds easily. And not only does it fold flat like the other one, but once flat, it folds again in half, making it ultra compact. And it looks all cool with brushed chrome. The only con was the lack of cupholders to carry the requisite Venti Mocha that it takes to get me to do anything productive, but that was fixed with a $6 attachment. Love it. And if (or when) we have another, The Combi Shuttle infant caseat is compatible with it.
As for the Awesome Husband Award, John takes top honors. I keep thinking I’m going to find out that he shrunk a favorite sweater while doing laundry, or broke a figurine while dusting. Something must be off, and I’m sure it has nothing to do with the Super Bowl today because I will be at work when it’s on and have no say in whether he watches it. But as I fell asleep after work his morning, he gave me a foot massage. When I woke up, he brewed me a fresh pot of coffee and brought me lunch here at my desk. And right now, as we speak, he is on the way to pick up a supplement for me. On the other side of Cincinnati, about 45 minutes away. And the supplement is More Milk Plus. And he is most definitely male and not lactating. Whatta guy. I must admit that it makes me chuckle to picture Sniper John of Marine Corps fame going up to someone and asking them where they keep the More Milk Plus.
And the shoes. OMG the shoes. While I was getting my eyes checked a couple of days ago, John went to a shoe store in the mall to buy Evan the new shoes. We decided it was easier to guestimate them fitting and potentially having to return them that it was to deal with Evan at the actual store. And the night before, as I was looking online at the shoes Ev wants, John walked into the room an threw an ever-loving fit. “Andrea, you are NOT going to spend that much on shoes for Evan!!!!” But they were cute. I actually was wondering if they had them in pink in my size. But even my inner Shopaholic had to admit that John had a point, so I planned on doing some sale surfing the next day at the mall. Lo and behold, John did it. That was good, since my eye exam rendered me pretty useless. But I just saw the shoes about 30 minutes ago. Purchased by the man who yelled at me over expensive shoes for Evan. Apparently I can’t buy Evan expensive shoes, but John can. Because I pull the box out of the bag and immediately see the contradiction when I spy the little outline of the man in the jumpng position on the top of the box. Yep. John bought him Jordans. You know, because Jordans are so cheap and all. “But they were on sale like you wanted,” says John. Yeah. Okay. Their sale price was the same as the full price of the ones I was going to buy. I can see how that makes sense, John. And besides, the last time we bought Ev Jordans, a classmate of his was jealous of them and intentionally stepped on them with mud-covered feet on the first day he wore them. I think I need to devise some sort of plan to get even with the man. Hmmmmmm. I think I need a new purse…..

3 thoughts on “>Zach’s New Ride, The Awesome Husband Award, and the Pot and Kettle

  1. >I thought the combo stroller and carseat was ideal until I saw how big that stupid stroller is. Sometimes it's not even worth going anywhere because it takes so long to get it out and put him in.

  2. >I know the feeling of the stroller in the trunk. it's one of the reasons why we usually shop on the weekends with keith's crv.

  3. >Yeah, ladies, the travel system stroller sucked. It was great when we could just snap the infant carseat in there and go, but still just too big. Love, love, love this one. And B-I was looking at bigger cars for this reason, and the CRV is one I looked at. There wasn't much more room in the back than in mine-this damned stroller was THAT bad!

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